Daphne's Sunday

So far today, I've taken a ride in the laundry hamper, jumped into the warm empty dryer (just for a second!), been scolded for taking an empty Temptations bag out of the trash (don't worry - there's a new bag!) and had my picture taken here in the guest room while Lee was napping (he's got a head cold).
Then I duked it out with Spooker for a spot in the sun - Spooker won, but then she walked away, so now I'm gonna claim the sunshine. Hope your Sunday was as exciting as mine ***yawn*** now it's sunny Sunday naptime...
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. MOL you naughty cat xx

  2. Daphne, you have had a very busy day! Riding in the laundry basket is FUN. It's no wonder you are ready for a nap now.

  3. oh anutie bee loves naps!!! what a good girl you have been all day long. you deserve the furry best nap of all and a whole new bag of kitty crack too!

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. what a pretty girl...with a good catitude!

    enjoy your nap...follow it by a snooze, and a doze.


  5. Beautiful photo Daphne! You had a busy day. :)


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