Tabby Toesday: Claw Clipping

Jazper does not like to have his claws clipped. Today, we clipped one whole back paw plus one claw! That's five claws in one day before blood was spilled!
Don't worry, the blood was mine, not Jazper's...
Happy Toesday!
~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Riley is pretty bad about it too. He's gotten better though since I've been handing out treats when we're done. Also, I clip Tiki's claws first and that seems to reassure him since she is pretty calm about it.

    R&T Mom

  2. Merlin doesn't mind it, but Dobbs doesn't like it. He doesn't fight me though, he takes it like a man. But the softpaws are a whole other matter.

  3. Oh yeah, I know how that is.

    Mom waits until we are sleepy and drowsy to get a few in, before we snap to attention

  4. hehehehe...Fatman...I have to remember that...after all, Dad called me "toady".

  5. Well, I do not really mind toenail trims. But since Jazper does not like it, five claws in one day is very good!

  6. Daisy - five claws in one day is practically a record!

    Tara - how could your Daddy call you "toady"???? Bad Daddy!

  7. we have a goal of one paw per day. of course the second day is catch the kitty and do one paw.

  8. Oh Jazper, having your nails clipped isn't that bad. I have mine trimmed at least once a week, because they grow quickly. I get treats afterwards, so I'm always good while they are being clipped!

  9. give him some kitty crack not the mama! for goodness sakes... he deserves it! and jaz, careful of not the mama, he's a good guy honey, he knows what is best for you, be a nice boy, okay?

    smiles, auntie bee

  10. Sorry...we were laughing and laughing when we saw this caption.

  11. Tee hee. That's hilarious!!! It takes both Maw & Paw to trim our toesies. Paw holds us in a death grip and Maw trims. Well, ok, we don't really die, but we like them to think it's killing us...

    Luf, Us

  12. those people keep trying to get our claws too. do what I do - cry pathetically, then start wheezing like you have asthma. they stop real quick and do all that "oh, poor Grry, are you okay?" stuff and then you run.

  13. I'm with you there, Jaz. Mom's lucky if she can get one paw done before I make my escape!

    Maxwell Smartkitty

  14. I've managed to avoid such torture, but my woman attempts to do this to Victor. I just sit back an laugh. She can do one front paw at a time, but when his back claws get too long, she drags him to PetSmart's groomers! A room full of D*GS!!!

    Claw clipping is the one good fing bout being front declawed. No claws = no clipping. Rowr. And tell Jazper he's handsome; he looks like me.


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