13 Scritches with Chloe

13 places I like Not The Mama to scritch me:
  1. Between my ears.
  2. My left ear.
  3. My right ear.
  4. Between my ears again -- oh yeah, right there....
  5. Along my spine.
  6. That special "ooh" spot right where my tail meets my back.
  7. My chest.
  8. My tummy -- but only when I want it.
  9. Do the ears again.
  10. On the back of my neck.
  11. The side of my face.
  12. Can I get some more ear-scritching?
  13. My chinny-chin-chin.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Aaaaah, all those places just feel sooooo good. We'z gonna print out dis list and gif it to daddy. Mom's alreddy got da massaj thingie down to a sigh-ens.

  2. I love the ear scritches. They are my favorite. Some days it's the left ear and other days it's the right ear, but almost always the ear!

  3. LOL, great list. :) Chloe and my cat, Toby, have a lot in common. :)

  4. Fantastic list! You have some fantastic pics on your site! Good luck with finding homes for those kittens! If I didn't have three cats already (and live in Hong Kong), I'd be giving you a ring!

  5. you little cutie pie! and your site looks bootiful!!! great job! did you help not the mama do this honey?

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Beautiful cat! Mine love it down their noses, IN their ears, and paw massages.

  7. Chloe, I agree with you! Ear scritches are the best.

  8. Clyde agrees with all of those spots. I do not. I will allow beans to scratch me on top of my head and my chin. Anywhere else, they get the bitey, IMMEDIATELY!

  9. My kitties have similarly strong opinions. But each one of the three has a DIFFERENT favorite spot.

  10. Chloe, we love your picture, dear. You look beautiful!

    Tipper & Misty

  11. Yep, those are our favorite spots too.


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