prayin' for poo

hello blog buddies,
not the mama here typing with one hand.
an unhappy ubee in the other
he has not pooed since saturday night

konstipation kitten
we haven't slept more than a half hour at a time
for the past two nights
try to poo
then rest
then try to poo again
he's wearing himself out
little tummy like a golfball
why won't it come out?

thank you for your generous donations for the vet bill
I fear we may have to go back
for a kitty enema
home remedies and tummy massage not working...

jaz not happy
off pouting at his neglect
same same same at home
chloe, daphne, spooker - all not happy with not the mama
paying too much attention to the little meowie thing

tired and grumpy
not the mama & ubee

prayin for poo here
and crying for sweet Ana
the sunshine on our faces today.

not the mama & ubee

Mo and The Purries


  1. We will start praying for poo... I hope it's just Ubee that does it and Georgia doesn't suddenly go everywhere!

  2. Poor little Ubee! I give my kitties a little vegetable oil from a spoon (they lap it right up)It seems to help with hairballs. Fancy Feast "cod and sole" is very mushy and pungent and if my Billie eats too much she has a very messy box. No fun for her or me. I'm trying to think of stuff that will slide right through and clean out the "plumbing," but the vet will probably have better solutions. I will light my angel candle for Ubee and Ana. Blessings and hugs,

  3. When Maxy ate the tampons... Yes, I am sorry about how gross that sounds... they gave him flavored vaseline to move stuff through him. The flavor seemed pretty pointless as I still had to make him eat it.

  4. when our Lady has that problem, she goes to McDonalds and has breakfast. it works every time. you probably didn't want to hear that though, did you? anyway, kitty enemas are very easy and effective. one of the kitties who came before, Freeway (he was found near one), had relief very promptly following his vet-administered enema. unfortunately it was on the way home, in the PTU, but whatever. we're kind of wondering about Lucy. the people brought her in Sunday night and she hasn't done either at all. there's nothing in her litter box and nothing on the carpet. she's never been inside before, and doesn't know what a litter box is, so maybe she's trying to hold it till she's outside. dunno. hopefully the vet will figure it out tonight. we're prayin' for poo - c'mon Ubee, you can do it!

  5. we used to pray for poo every day before Grampa Norton wented to the Bridge. Have you tried canned pumpkin or olive oil (or both?). Sometimes when the little kitties get really stressed, it's hard for them to go.

  6. Anonymous2:47 PM

    When we picked up a little waif, had the same problem. No bowel movements, used just a little bit of mineral oil mixed in with his baby food. Worked fine.

  7. well honey i never actually purrayed for poo before, but i guess i can start now!!! good luck.

    smiles, auntie bee


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