Isis Update

After spending the weekend in the basement, Isis was an unhappy little camper.
So, soft-hearted lug that I am, I allowed her to come up into the shop today.
Jazper, to his credit, is trying to play chase, but Isis tends to hiss at him.
She is into EVERYTHING and while she hasn't broken anything yet, I fear it's only a matter of time. She's climbing and leaping around like this is kitty playland central.
She figured out in no time flat how to scale the back of my computer chair and purr into my ear while perching on my shoulder, the little rapscallion.
Didn't I just say recently, "No more kittens!"

Update @ 4pm: Isis went non-stop in the shop from 10am to 3pm -- which is pretty long for a kitten, you must agree. She wore Jazper out around noon, then she decided it was time to wrestle with me (in between jumping out at customers!) Then, naptime finally hit her - and of all the places in the whole store, she decided that naptime would be conducted between my back and my computer chair. Not the most comfortable spot for Not The Mama, but she was happy.

Mo and The Purries


  1. I'm glad that Isis is doing well! I hope she doesn't destroy the shop. ;)

  2. Ooooo, that's a pretty kitty. I wish we could have a kitty. Thanks for displying my sign.

    There are a lot of great signs in that shot. Jasmine says Hi to Uncle Mo... She loves the Isis's eyes.

  3. She's cute! I like how she parked her tail on the Broom Parking sign. I hope Bessie can take her.

    I climb up Mom's chair to perch on her shoulder, too, but I's kinda big (accordin to Mom).

    Get her to play hard an she should wanna nap hard, too, savin the shop. Got a laser pointer handy?

  4. awww, i thought bessie was taking her???

    smiles, auntie bee

  5. I'll bet there are lots of fun things in the shop that Isis could get into!

  6. Momma is laughing at you and saying Famous Last words...

  7. she sounds like lotsa fun! maybe we trade you Isis for Lucy? Lucy's on the extra-big side and doesn't jump around at all. she'd be purrfect for you, plus I don't like her.

  8. Grr's a big bully and keeps coming in my room to start fights. I think you're very nice to help homeless kitties. It's no fun being outside all the time, I know all about it.

  9. Ru Roh! Isis is as smart as she is pretty!

  10. What a cutie.But I'm partial to black cats!!

  11. Morgan, You're an angel truly. what a pretty pretty girl Isis is. I'm sure Inkie will have a sister soon enough. Can't you just see that Chrismas card? Stunning!

  12. I still can't get over how much she looks like my naughty kitty Cricket.
    The vet said she'd outgrow her wild streak and become a "potato" like most cats. She lied. But, I love her naughtiness, even when it involves lots of clean-up. Enjoy your little ball of energy. ;)
    Blessings to you and your kitties,

  13. Isis is a frisky kitty.

  14. What a cutie and such beautiful eyes!
    Kittens are too darn adorable to resist! Have fun with here.
    Your FL furiends,

  15. Isis is adorable! I bet there are lots of places to get into trouble in a shop : )

  16. I saw this picture, and immediately went into squee mode.. "awwwwwwww, the sweet iddle biddle kiddle, ookit the cutie patootie pie... yadda yadda yadda". Hubby overheard and looked at my computer screen, and said, very firmly, "NO."

    I'm in my corner sulking now! Seriously though, she is precious!

  17. That is the coolest-looking Halloween cat!

    Well, you might have said "no more kittens", but we didn't listen~ we knew you better than THAT! As soon as another stray landed in your general vicinity, we knew. The game would be all over, from then on!

  18. Black Cats are best cats. She will sell many things in the store for you.

  19. Yes, black cats are the best cats :)
    Isis is very pretty in the photo. Hopefully, she will calm down as time goes on...

  20. In that picture she looks just like Brynden. :)


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