Good News! * Updated!

Laura just called the Cat Blogosphere:

Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris were found hiding in the apartment by the fire folks going around checking and they’re alive!!! They were hiding and they’re scared to come out for strangers. They’re still there, and she can’t go in yet because it’s unsafe, but Animal Control is going to go in as soon as possible!!! Laura is picking up new carriers right now. The fire people said they’d be ok overnight if it had to be that long, but they’re going to try to get the in tonight if at all possible.

Update from the Cat Blogosphere:


7:45pm EST. The nice policemens got speshul permissions and went in and got them out tonight!!! By 7:45pm they were in the car wif Mom Laura!!! She says they looks good and are movin and talkin lots but not injured. YAY!!! They’s on the way to the v-e-t just for checkin, even tho it looks like they’re fine, and to get their medicines. Mom Laura said she’d try to get online later, but she doesn’t know when that’ll be. We’s just so happy they’s ok we don’t know what to do!

The power of prayer in the Cat Blogosphere is an amazing thing.
~ Not The Mama

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  1. What wonderful news. I was praying and praying. What wonderful news. Not The Mama can get another good nights sleep is my bet. Big hug. :)

  2. That's fantastic news! How incredible that they found a safe place in such a terrible fire.

  3. Wonderful news!

  4. I am SO glad to read this news. :)

    This makes for a great day!!!

  5. We read Laura got special permission to go in and they are on their way home!!! YEAH!!!!

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Glad to hear they are ok.

  7. Remarkable! Things can be replaced but our friends cannot. I'm happy they found a place in which to hide that the smoke/fire didn't harm them.

  8. It's a miracle, an honest to goodness miracle! I'm so happy for Laura and her precious babies! Something to smile about NTM!
    Big Hugs,

  9. Oh My Goodness NTM...I was just saying again this morning to my hubby that maybe the kitties found a little nook to hide...miracles never cease to amaze me.

    I would like to add a little prayer...

    Dear God, Thank You for giving Laura's three kitties a safe place to huddle until they could be rescued from that terrible fire in the building that they lived with their mommy Laura. You are such a kind and loving God, you have saved three precious little friends, and we all thank you. Amen.

    Hugs and Lots of Love,


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