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The Wren’s Nest donated six signs to help Cat Friends Helping Friends raise money.

The signs include:

  • I Don’t Skinny Dip, I Chunky Dunk (5″ x 8″ metal)
  • Normal Is Just A Setting On The Washing Machine (5″ x 10″ metal)
  • Housework Never Killed Anyone, But Why Take A Chance (5″x 9″ metal)
  • Chocolate, How Sweet It Is (5″ x 22″ wood)
  • Small Blessings Make Life A Joy (4″ x 25″ wood)
  • Good Friends Are Hard To Find, Harder To Leave… Impossible To Forget (7″ x 17″ wood)

The retail

value is


for the

package of

6 (six)


Cat Friends Helping Friends

Mo and The Purries

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