Working on a Bio for Pete

Hello - I'm working on a Bio page for Pete, like the ones that can be accessed for the other purries by clicking their collages in the sidebar.
Any questions you have about Pete, leave 'em in the comments here and I may just include them in the Bio!
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  1. I'm going to guess his bio will be quite entertaining. Well, based on his beginnings that is.

    Tell NTM to be nice Pete. Also, you need to ask why your picture isn't in the sidebar. Just saying.

    Ear scritches for you and your siblings, and a big hug for NTM. :)

  2. What are his favorite treats?
    What are Pete's favorite toys?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. i want the story of how you to met and how he is fast friends with Isis the trouble maker... Make his character MR. JOker come thru... about his first bath...did ya give him a bath? I love the little dude.

    Can't wait for the results... looking forward to it..

  4. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Look at that sweet kitty face....

  5. His whiskers look like they're neon!
    And that little pussy-cat mouth (is that a Tom Jones lyric???). Just remembered that it was a pussy cat nose. Well, Pete's little nose is cute, too!

  6. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Where is his favorite sleeping spot?
    What does he want to be when he becomes a Mancat? That would be fun to compare to what he does after he is a Mancat!

  7. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Pete Is you a kissy boy? You has the "kissy lips" as Momma calls them, where there is baldness in the shape of a pouty kiss.. just like me.
    Most kittehs that have kissy lips like kissies? :)


  8. Our Lady's question goes like this: Can I snorgle that gorgeous fluff on your chest? Prolly not a question suitable for a bio, but that's what she wants to know. We would like to know whether he's a sweet cuddle kitty, like Cocoa, or a destructive terror, like Rascal & Riley.

  9. Ok, Pete, what's yur favoritest treat? Temptations? Wow, mine too! Dat's a good one fur Sandy Claws to know!
    We hope you all haf a furry merry chrissy mouse. Stay warm an snuggle wif Mo fur all yur worth.
    Victor & Nina


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