You take the good,
you take the bad... is one of those happy/sad days.
We're happy because our buddy Jeter Harris is home.  But sad because we learned that Icon Baxter Bentley has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Icon's family.

And we hope that Jeter decides his wild 
wandering days are over and stays home for good now! 
~purrs from
Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Jazper
Little Isis and Pete

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Mo and The Purries


  1. It was such a terrible surprise to learn the sad news about Icon. He was one of my earliest friends. I miss him a lot.

    Thank goodness Jeter is home at last!

  2. Yes, it is very sad about Icon, he was another CB super-star and will be furry missed.
    We's so glad, too, that Tha Grate Jeter Harris decided to go home. Whew.

  3. There is such a mix of happiness and sadness in life. We're sorry about Icon and happy for Jeter.

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    We second that! We did not know Icon very well, but our hearts and purrs sure got out to his family. We are very excited that Jeter is home!

  5. We were so sad to learn about Icon which was so sudden. He's been around the blogosphere for so long that it's hard to loose such a friend.

    But we are thrilled that Jeter is home!

  6. It's been quite bittersweet ...

  7. Sending hugs to Icon's family...
    and many happy returns to Jeter.

  8. Oh, how very sad. I hope he didn't suffer. Maybe Icon can meet up with our dear sweet Henry who went there in October.


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