Toon Pete

We're almost done with our Photobucket photo-enhancing fun week here at Purrchance To Dream, with Pete in the "cartoon" function. 
With the toon function, select a photo that has lots of contrast, then enhance the color saturation first.  Then cartoonize it.
With all these Photobucket photos this week, I did the photo enhancing first, then edited the pictures for size.  Which is very easy to do with Photobucket.  I mean, for a free service, I am very happy with Photobucket's features and user-friendliness.
We have one more fun picture to share tomorrow!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I really like this one! I have been looking for a way to "cartoonize" me and PB to make our new webpage's header without having to have one specially made (aka pay for one!) and this one is so cute! Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Oooh that is really neat! We'll have to try out Photobucket too!

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Pete is the epitome of contrast! Photobucket is one of our favorites, but we pretty much like anything free!

  4. Oh pretty soon Pete will have his own Mr. Shrill!

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Photo bucket looks like fun! I do not think we will try it though a cause Momma has only just started to get used to what we use now :(
    They have been great pictures all week so far!! It gives them a whole new look, like a cool look! :)
    But I still prefer them just the way they are :))


  6. I think this is my favorite one so far!

  7. Hmmmm...Meowm uses Photobucket, but hadn't paid attention to all this fun stuff. I think we will have to pounce on her and have her check it out!

    These are all very fun!

  8. We love this pic. We'll get Mom to try it out!

  9. Looks great! Suitable for framing!!! (of course da subject matter helps)

  10. This is such a sweet picture of young Pete. Love it!


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