Happy Purrthday, Beau!

Happy Purrthday to our friend Beau
who turns 11 today on 11/01!
To honor his birthday, his mom
asks that everyone donate a bag
of kitty food to their local shelter today
and of course wear black & white in Beau's honor.
Our own tuxie Pete has dressed up to wish
Beau a very Happy Purrthday!
And here's our Chloe
wishing her gentleman friend Beau
some birthday wishes...

chloe valentine

From all of us at Purrchance To Dream,
Happy Birthday, Beau!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. He is a very handsome catboy isn't he!?
    I hear 11 is a very wonderful age to be! I will pounce over and tell him it is his birthday today!!

    bonks and wow a lovely picture card too

  2. Wishing Beau a very Happy Purrthday!

  3. We hope that Beau has a very happy birthday.

  4. So hansum and beautipuss! That is a grate way to celebrate a birthday. Hope yoo all had a grate Halloween too!

  5. We went an wished Beau a happy birfday...


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