Screen Door Sniffin'

screen door sniffin'

NTM says that this may be the last time for a while I get to sniff at the screen door, since it is getting HOT here in Orlando.  This weekend is going up into the 90's and he says there's too many BUGS at night to have the door open.  Can you imagine a thing - TOO MANY BUGS?
Sniffin' while I can,
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Mo and The Purries


  1. The Woman is thinking that that is way too hot for April and can't stand the idea of any bugs-which is why she has Gemini, our little bug hunter...

  2. Our Mom does not care for those long bugs that fly! We love to run after them, but sadly she will go as far as to catch them in a glass, and put them out!
    Crazy woman, just crazy.
    ~ Miss Emily

  3. Only a human would think there are too many bugs! Heh.

  4. We've had some bugs lately, but they arent good ta eat. Stink bugs and honeybees... We will probly get some window-whiffin tomorow!

  5. It is getting hot here in Tampa, too, but today it was actually fairly pleasant and the cat kids got to go outside on the cat porch and stalk stuff. Tanner caught a lizard and was very pleased with himself. He wasn't too happy when Mom took it away from him and let it go in the yard.

  6. OMC! That pic is cute! Happy Bug hunting while it lasts.


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