Thursday 13 With Daphne

13 things I DON'T LIKE!

  1. Being told NO!
  2. The vacuum cleaner running anywhere in the house.
  3. Cell phone ringing.
  4. The doorbell.
  5. Auntie Spooker hisssssing at me.
  6. The opening sequence of Buffy DVDs --- why does it have to be so loud & scary?
  7. An empty food dish.
  8.  Staple guns.
  9. Stinky incense.
  10. Missing the landing on one of my more spectacular leaps.
  11. Having my tummy rubbed.
  12. Getting blamed for things I tried to frame Chloe for...
  13. The bathroom wastepaper basket standing upright --- how am I supposed to have access to used dryer sheets, wadded up receipts, and empty tea light cups if this basket is standing upright? Why can't it stay knocked over like I like it? I really want to know!

Meow for now
~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Uh-oh Daphne, it's good that you're so stinking cute! That's a pretty extensive list. We think you might be alot like our Princeton. (if so, we're purring for your humans!)

  2. Daphne, you sound like a lot of fun!

  3. Daphne, you sound -- and look -- like a a real handful! Better watch out with that wastebasket, our head peep bought metal bathroom wastebaskets with lids to foil us.

  4. Oh goodness, Daphne, you are so darn cute. No one could possibly get mad at you for anything you do. Do your People really tell you NO?? How can they do that?? We have all the same dislikes. Take care.

  5. Daphne you have such a cute face - we bet you can get away with anything.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. daphne; want we shuld send godzilla ta yur houz...he came ta trout towne; and in one breath, wiped out de vacuum kleener masheen, fried up 37,845 slices oh trout for uz... N kept BURDS away for a week :)

    we all sew wanna say haza happee week oh end anda happee eazter az well :)

  7. Hi Daphne, you can always knock that wastepaper basket over yourself. That's what Kizzie would do. Hope you have a great Easter weekend.

  8. Daphne, you certainly are a smart one! With that face, how can your humans EVER tell you no???

  9. You are a very mischievious kitty...we especially like your detailed answer to #13!


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