Happy Birthday, Daphne

Happy Birthday to 
She is NINE years old today!
Last year was Daphne's first birthday without her littermate Chloe, who passed away in 2013.  They were very close, and it was a tough first year for Daphne without her sister.
So last year, we didn't show pictures of Chloe on their birthday, but we wanted to remember Chloe this year, and show everyone how close they were.
We are wishing Daphne a very Happy Birthday, and remembering Chloe always in our hearts.
Here is how they looked the first night they were adopted, when they were eight weeks old:

Here's their first official portrait together, 
when they were about 4 months old:
Here's what they looked like in Michigan,
trying to keep warm together during the long, long winters!

Chloe LOVED catnip bubbles!

And Daphne likes chasing beams of light!


Here's of of the last pics of them together,
iDaddy took this one here in Florida:

And what did Chloe always want for her birthday?
Why Temptations, of course!

You can read more about Daphne 
on her bio page
you can read more about
our dearly departed Chloe
on her bio page.


Meow for now,
~ Daphne 

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Happy birthday, Daphne! And purrs of remembrance for Chloe.

  2. Happy Day, beautiful girl!

  3. Happy birthday, Daphne.

  4. Happy Birthday Daphne.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Happy Birthday Daphne! I am sure Chloe is there in spirit with you.

  6. Happy Birthday Daphne ! We wish you a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles ! Sweet memories of Chloe. Purrs

  7. Happy birthday Daphne! We know they will have a party for Chloe over the Bridge.

  8. Happy birthday, Daphne (and Angel Chloe)! We hope you have a great celebration.

  9. Happy Birthday Daphne, and to Chloe at the Bridge.

  10. Happy Birthday Daphne and to Chloe up at The Bridge.

  11. Happy belated birthday to sweet Daphne! And also to Angel Chloe at the Bridge!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Daphne!!!!!! We are thinking of Chloe to. <3 to you both.


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