Ask Daphne

Hello fur-friends!
Yesterday, Christine asked:
"Daphne, what's the funniest thing you or Chloe have done, thus far?"

Well, funny you should ask...
Last night, when Not The Mama and Lee were watching TV, I stood up on my back legs and pawed at the hanging plate of an old-fashioned brass scale (see the photo below).
Lee said, "Daphne, what'd you want to be weighed? Your little pea-brain?"
I tapped at the scale a few more times, and he said, "We don't have a counterweight for something that tiny, silly!"
Well, did you ever!

The best part about living with Not The Mama is that me & Chloe make him laugh every day. It's the most common of our everyday antics, like jumping out at toes from under the bed, that make him laugh. He gives good ear-scratches in return for making him laugh.
Thanks, Christine, for asking a good question! Christine is a friend of Not The Mama's from way-way-way back, and you can see pictures of her furry kids here.
If you have a question for me, about me or Chloe or even old Auntie Spooker -- just leave me a comment and Ask Daphne!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. I do not believe that it was very nice of Lee to say that to you. I think you have a very large and beautiful brain, my lovely.

  2. Merlin's comment made me laugh, too!
    (not that it's funny or anything, Daphne was just his smoooo skill at romance that got me!)

  3. jean paul11:44 PM

    I have a question.

    Which is your favorite place to take the siesta?


  4. merlin: thank you, what a purrr-fectly wonderful thing to say, sweetie! ♥

    christine: I'm glad my antics with my best beau make you laugh!

    jean paul: excellent question for next week's Ask Daphne!

    ♥ to all ~ Daphne

  5. "Ask Daphne"~ what a great concept!

    Dear Daphne,
    I have a funny rash on my tummy~ what should I do??


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