Bandito Dream

Hello --
Not The Mama here.
I thought I'd tell everyone about a dream I had the other night, and how it affected Daphne & Chloe.
In my dream, I was out fighting Evil, and my ArchNemesis was The Mushroom Bandito.

This fungi bad guy was terrorizing the countryside, whacking innocent people with his guitar.
I took him on, and as The Mushroom Bandito rushed at me, flailing his guitar overhead, I kicked out at him.

Unfortunately, back in my bed, I was lying on my stomach, dreaming. With Daphne & Chloe nestled between my legs. All was fine & dandy until I started kicking The Mushroom Bandito -- because I started kicking in bed.
Daphne & Chloe flew straight up into the air, hurtling themselves away from the sudden maelstrom -- and sending Auntie Spooker (who had been slumbering against Lee's legs) into a hissing, howling fit.

Needless to say, Lee was NOT amused by my nocturnal Fungi Fighting.

So, my apologies to Daphne & Chloe -- I was just trying to save the world from Evil 'Shrooms, my dears. I didn't mean to interrupt your slumber!

Saving the world, one whacky dream at a time,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. That sounds like a very scary dream! I'm glad my sweet Daphne was not injured!

  2. Merlin: no, we were just really scared! Not The Mama got up and made sure that me & Chloe were okay. Chloe made up with him first. I sat half-way down the stairs with my back to him for a while, until he finally coaxed me up to let him pet me. I guess I couldn't stay mad -- I have weird dreams sometimes, too. Pretty soon, we'd all made up ('cept for Auntie Spooker & Lee, they can hold a grudge longer...) but me & Chloe & Not The Mama got back in bed and snugglied.

    ♥ ~ Daphne

  3. yup - mushrooms is evil an they gotta be killed. the one in the picshure is kinda evil-cute though, but still...

  4. Heh! I remember Lee telling me that Not-The-Mama kicks in his sleep sometimes, and that Auntie Spooker has learned the hard way to keep a distance when the snoring begins! :)
    I woulda thought Lee would be more understanding, since he hates mushrooms so much...

  5. grr, midnight, & cocoa: yeah, the little fella in the picture is much cuter than the actual Mushroom Bandito in my dream, but I didn't want to scare every-fur here!

    janna: you know, I never even told him about this dream. I told Daphne & Chloe about it, and they loved on me. Lee just grumbled at me and went back to snoring himself...
    The Mushroom Bandito is now mush, I must add! Before I woke up, I know I kicked him good!

  6. Karen Jo4:51 AM

    Oh, what a scary dream. I know that in the long ago, I scared the cats that were with scary dreams, too. Luckily, they always forgave me and we always had Stinky Goodness and cereal together in the norning.


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