Hold Me Chloe

Yesterday, Chloe believed it was National "Hold Me" Day.
Granted, I've been a miser with the heat and hadn't yet turned on the furnace, so my little catsicle was wanting to absorb some of my ample-body's warmth. But she followed me around when I had to move from room to room, and the moment I sat down, she was there in my lap or up on my shoulder. Her favorite position, when I'm sitting up, is to be cradled in the crook of my left arm.
Finally, I sat down in the evening to watch TV (Yes, I had turned the furnace on by this time) and she snuggled up on my lap -- under my lap blanket. When it was time for bed, she did NOT want me to get up.
Today is grey and cold with snow flurries.
I wish I was home today with my Chloe, snuggled up in our chair.
Wishing you warm snugglies today,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. I wish I was home too, cuddling with Merlin. But snow flurries? I'm so jealous.

  2. It's getting chillier here too, but I am not quite ready to snuggle in my Meowms lap.

  3. our Lady's frum upstate New York an she's wishin' she wuz hafin' that nice weather like you is. we're in Cally-4-knee-yah an it's 'posta be up ta 90 today. we're not amused, on account of we been growin' our winter fluff an now we gotta put ice in our water bowl.

  4. Snow? What's that? We're still sitting out on the back balcony soaking up the rays. Please tell me what this snow is!

  5. AAaWww, that is SO CUTE!

    I wish you were home snuggling and watching the snow flurries with Chloe and Daphers and Spookers, too.

    Hey, what happened to the chickens? Do you make 'em hibernate, once the snow flies? You haven't mentioned them in weeks!

  6. You look lovely all stretched out like that. I think every day shold be "Hold Me Day"!

  7. I agree with you...I'd rather be home snuggled up with my Abbygirl.

    Abby's Mom

  8. SeƱorGato9:15 AM


    To my also I like to climb in the lap of Jean Paul, but when he walks, I look for the way to climb to me in its shoulder and uqe takes a walk to me like the parrot of the pirate.


  9. To everyone jealous of the snow: I'd gladly trade you! I miss the warm weather already...

    christine: no one except jean paul and me were interested in the chickens. They're fine. They're enjoying some sun today. just no one wanted to read about me blogging about chickens. there's not a chicken blogging community like there is a wonderful cat blogging community!

    ~ Not the Mama


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