TT #6

13 Things I played with yesterday:

1. Chloe's tail.

2. The Shoelace.

3. The pumpkins on the stairs. They're stuffed fabric pumpkins, with twine tendrils coming out of the tops -- fun to bite on and pull down the stairs!

4. The mints from the bowl on the coffee table. These individually wrapped mints crinkle when I bite them, and they scoot over the hardwood floor super nice!

5. Nekkid Rattle Mouse. Chloe has almost chewed off all his fur, but he still rattles when I shake him.

6. Catnippy mice. Zippity Doooooooooo Yah!

7. Dried leaves that blew into the house when Not The Mama came home from work.
8. Not The Mama's fingers under the sheets.

9. The ladybugs climbing the sliding glass doors in the diningroom. Fun to watch. Stinky to try an' bite! Yuck.

10. Splashing in my water bowl. I love to play in water. Not The Mama says he's glad Chloe hasn't caught me & Auntie Spooker's "bad habit" of splashing the water, but I say it's not bad, it is really fun!

11. The egg. This is a hollow plastic easter egg, on a long piece of twine, suspended from the top of a doorway. Chloe and I play what Not The Mama calls "tetherball" with the egg. I just call it bashing the heck out of the egg.

12. I also climb the palm tree in the game room when Not The Mama's not home. Hey, it's a game room, right? Right?

13. And my favorite game is to play Peek-A-Boo with Not The Mama in the curtains in the bathroom. I hide there, behind the curtains and poke out at him. We could play this game for hours and hours!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Sounds like you have lots of fun!!!

  2. Another cat one, how cute!

  3. You had a very playful day, Daphne! I bet you needed a good nap after all that fun.

  4. You were furry busy, my love!

    I think bashin' the heck out of an egg sounds like fun.

  5. I love how cat's play.

  6. It sounds like you have been busy having lots of fun!!

  7. Great list. :) Those all sound like fun games to play. :)

    You are a lovely cat. :)

  8. awww.. I love reading about fur babies!! Great TT!! Mine is up

  9. What a great list, Daphne! You're going to LOVE Halloween - don't let all the weird people at the door scare you - they're just kids in costumes. After this comes Thanksgiving (turkey YUM!) then Christmas. Word of caution: Don't chew on the Christmas tree lights! Ask your mom to show you the Griswald Christmas movie. Ouch! Happy TT!

  10. cute cat! Funny, but that is my daughters name. Love Chloe!

  11. Yeah, I did mine. Stuff is addictive.

    This list was fun to read, Daphne!

  12. Where do you find the time?!

  13. Grate list .... but win do yoo have time to nap?

  14. Cat's are so much fun!

  15. Sounds like a busy day.
    I haven't splashed in my water bowl in a while.

  16. Ohhhh . . . how I wish they had some form of legal catnip for stay-at-home moms!

    I have a TT idea for you (one that my cat could easily write) - the 13 best places to cough up a hairball!

  17. I'm glad you had time to play with your cat. She's cute. Like your blog too.
    Thanks for dropping by. I do apprecfiate it a lot.

  18. As a cat lover, love your TT. My wife makes we do a TT :)


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