Manic Monday: Yellow

Today's Manic Monday Theme Word is
Chloe's boyfriend, the swarthy South American Senor Gato,
is a yellow and white Big Man Cat.
Her love for him is like a big yellow

Mo and The Purries


  1. he looks just like my departed Macy. I nearly cried looking at him

  2. very very cute.

    Mine is now posted as well.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. oh chloe honey he is gorgeous! you are such a lucky kitty.... kiss kiss.....

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. Señor Gato!ª!9:12 AM

    Hey Not the mama!!!!

    Thanks a lot, human!!!

    Señor Gato

  5. Señor Gato9:52 AM

    To Chloe

    I believe in love.
    The love that lasts.
    It's much biggger than desires
    Of an empty flask.

    It burrows itself deep with the soul
    It is the goal,
    A reflection of the divine,
    Of Jesus in the mind,
    Of distant romance
    And a courageous stance
    For what matters most
    To the humanely host.

    I believe in love before books,
    Or money or knowledge.
    But not blinded
    By what I learned in college.
    A million heartbeats
    And a poignant zing
    The kind that makes an angel
    Grab a guitar and sing.

    I believe in love,
    Though differences exist.
    Though our Gods may differ,
    Our faiths persist.
    A God of love
    Does not grudge against race.
    My God is love
    For all the human race.

    I believe in love.
    And God believes in me.
    A love this strong
    Is the reason I am me.

    Señor Gato

    Ps.- My lady, I never touched your hairy, I never felt your breath, I never sat me to your sidce, but, you know?, I always have to you inside myself <3

  6. Hi Chloe! That's a nice picture. You and Senor Gato seem to progressing nicely.

    My mom's doin' Manic Monday today.

    And Daphne, my sweet, I have tagged you with a new meme!

  7. A darling couple indeed...

  8. They both are way too cute =)

  9. ah - one of our favorite couples!


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