5 Reasons That I Blog

I was tagged last week with this meme, but Not The Mama has been busy and stuff, and he says "sorry to have hogged the computer so much". Whatever.
So, finally, my 5 Reasons That I Blog meme, by Daphne.

1. I started blogging so I could get to know my boyfriend Merlin better. His was the first cat blog that Not The Mama ever went to, and it's 'cuz of him that we found the Cat Blogosphere.

2. Because I love my online-kitty friends and I think it's so wonderful to have made friends like Daisy and Dragonheart and Grr and Midnight and Cocoa and Missy Blue Eyes and KC and Mini and Chase and Chey and Derby and Junior and Loki and The Whole Gang from Forty Paws and lots and lots of other kitty-friends, including little Dobby!

3. Because of the wonderful beans behind the blogs of the cats in the blogosphere. Such wonderful people, Not The Mama says "It's an honor and a privilege to know them all."

4. Because otherwise we never would have tried Temptations, and if it wasn't for them, I never would have seen my sister Chloe become a kitty crack addict.

5. Because I like sharing my adventures with you, and reading your comments!

Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. oh you look so cute today daphne! good post honey!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Oh, we agree! We've met so many great cats (& humans, too). We're happy we found the Cat Blogosphere.

  3. Those are really great reasons! I am very very glad you are my friend, too.

  4. Oh we're so glad you're back!! We missed you pretty Daphne! We're so glad to be your furriends too. What wonderful reasons for blogging!

    Luf, Us

  5. what a lovely picture! those are excellent reasons. the Cat Blogosphere is really a big family, and one we're happy to be a part of too. purrrrrs!

  6. We is glad yer back to bloggin'!

  7. Your sis sounds like she needs re-hab! LOL

    I think your reasons are brilliant though and I love your blog.

  8. We are so glad you blog too!
    terrifical reasons!


  9. Those are all excellent reasons to Blog!

  10. KC said...

    O, Daphne, those be eggsellent reazons ta blog. Furry good list.

    pee ess: i's discovered Temptations on tha Cat Blogosphere also. Whata coincidence!

  11. I have missed you furry much, my love! I'm so glad that Not the Mama found my blog. And my mom's too, she likes Not the Mama. But just think, if they had never let us blog!

    The horrors!

  12. Those are all terrific reasons to blog! :) I am honoured that you mentioned me! :) I love all the friends I have made through blogging too. :)

    You are adorable as always, Daphne. :)

  13. furry good meme Daphne ~Poiland Tribe

  14. A very good list! The cat blogosphere is a great place to meet wonderful animals and beans.
    I'm glad you're back!


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