7 Things About Chloe

Hello e-furry-one! It's Chloe Time!
I just have to ask ~ since I'm obviously Not The Mama's favoritest, why do I have to go last on the seven things meme? I mean, Jazper has been around the least longest, and he gotted to go first! What's up with that?
Anyhoo... here are 7 Things About Me - Chloe!

1. Some important days to mark on your calendar: March 7th is my (and Daphne's too, but she already had her meme, this is about ME!) birthday. We share the same birthday as Lee, who is Not The Mama's other half, so this makes it easier for him to remember. The other important day is May 7th. This is my (yes, and Daphne's too, do we have to keep bringing her up?) Gotcha Day! June 7th would be an appropriate day to send me a Temptations Care Package to celebrate the 3-month and 1-month anniversaries of these days.

2. Not The Mama often calls me "Sweet Pea". Sometimes, when he gets all mushy-talkie, he calls me his Calico Rose, too. Other times, when I'm acting goofy, like last night, he calls me Chloe-Baloney-Head.

3. Last night, Not The Mama gave me one of Spooker's old rattle mousies that he found in the back of a drawer. I loved this thing! I carried around with it in my mouth for hours, then found out that if you throw it high up in the air, it rattles! Lee finally came out of his bedroom around 11pm and wanted to know if I was going to be playing with that thing all night?!? Hey, it's my new toy, back off!

4. When Not The Mama watches TV, I want to be on his lap. He brushes me 'til I fall asleep, then I curl up and get some good zzzzzz's.

5. In bed, my favorite place to sleep is right between Not The Mama's knees. On top of the bedspread. When it's cold, sometimes under the covers, but my ears bend backwards, so I prefer on top. When it was really really cold this past winter, I would curl up with Daphne in the heated bed that Not The Mama bought for Spooker's Christmas.

6. Spooker tolerates me much more than she does Daphne. The only way that Daphne can be near her is if I'm between them. Sometimes, Spooker and I will touch noses, but most of the time she growls at me. But she hisses and swats at Daphne. Spooker will sit next to me when we have our Temptations Treat Time in the mornings - but I have to be in the middle. Which is the BEST, because then I'm closest to the Temptations!

7. Not The Mama tells me that we've been together in a previous life. Well, duh. Why does he think I'm here, now? Someone has to look out for him! Spooker is now too busy napping all the time! I do have a special bond with Not The Mama, and I know that the other girls get a bit jealous sometimes. I know he loves us all, just me a tiny bit more! Shhhhh... don't tell them, okay? I'd say I'd bribe you with a Temptations to keep your mouth shut, but we all know I'd be lying, 'cuz they're ALL MINE!!!!

~ Chloe

Mo and The Purries


  1. don't worry - last is best. think of it as the Grand Fin-al-eeee. i did mine last too an that's cuz the Lady likes me best (but don't tell Grr an Midnight that eiffur - k?).

  2. Yep - Daddykitty laps is da best (much wider!)

  3. chloe when you sit in the middle for the treats do you get them going both ways? cause you would be getting twice as many! ha ha ha , good trick, huh??

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. we luv reading all yer memes so we get to know you betters ~Poiland tribe

  5. Chloe, I enjoyed reading your 7 things and getting to know you better. That rattle mousie sounds like fun to play with!

  6. You are funny Chloe!!! Got a thing for Temptations do you? We are posting the next 7 of us, one day at a time, so Gatsbi is today instead of a TT.

    Luf, Us


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