TT# 32

13 Random things
about the crew
from Purrchance To Dream

1. Not The Mama has never coughed up a hairball.
Daphne tried to cough up a hairball the other night,
but just wheezed a bit until she became distracted.
Chloe is with Not The Mama on this one -- no hairballs.
Spooker hacks up at least a hairball a day.
Jazper has had one urped up hairball since he came to live @ The Wren's Nest.

Not The Mama likes tuna.
Daphne likes the smell of tuna and tried a bit once. It was okay.
Chloe turned her nose up at tuna.
Spooker only eats kitty kibble.
Jazper LOVES Whiskas Purrfectly Fish: Tuna.
He tried the other flavors, but TUNA rules!

3. Not The Mama loves to play on the computer.
Daphne could care less about the computer.
Chloe is fixated by the little arrow that dashes around the screen.
She also likes to play Spider Solitaire when no one else is around.
Spooker would rather nap.
Jazper likes to watch the e-mails flip onto the screen on the morning, but he would prefer it if Not The Mama would use his arms to hold him rather than play on the computer.

4. Not The Mama likes Dark Chocolate for a treat.
Daphne likes to lick Not The Mama's dinner plate for a treat.
Chloe lives for Temptations!
Spooker thinks every nap is a treat.
Jazper likes Temptations,too, especially from Aunt Bessie who gives him extra treats while Not The Mama is in the bathroom.

5. Not The Mama likes catmint tea, and watching kitties on 'nip.
Daphne gets the munchies after catnipping.
Chloe could take or leave catnip.
Spooker likes to roll in catnip, and then take a nap.
Jazper loves catnip infused toys,
and he likes to snag them in his claws and lick them.

6. Not The Mama and Lee have been together for 14 years.
Daphne loves her boyfriend Merlin.
Chloe says "Hey, why haven't I heard from Senor Gato?"
Spooker is too busy napping to care.
Jazper's heart belongs to Jenny, Gatsbi, and Sgt Sally from Forty Paws.

7. Not The Mama has a craving for Chinese. Or Mexican.
Daphne and Chloe and Spooker had Temptations for breakfast.
Jazper LOVES Whiskas Purrfectly Fish: Tuna!

8. Not The Mama trimmed his fingernails last night.
Daphne has big feet, and sometimes it looks like she has extra toes.
Chloe has webbed toes on her back feet.
Spooker does NOT like anyone touching her feet.
Jazper needs his claws trimmed, but he is not happy about it.

9. Not The Mama likes to have his back scratched.
Daphne loves her ears scritched.
Chloe wants to be scratched under the chin.
Spooker has a "special spot" near her tail that sends her over the edge.
Jazper enjoys a good backscratch and tummy rub.

10. Not The Mama loves to sleep on his stomach.
Daphne likes to curl up into a ball to sleep.
Chloe likes to sleep between Not The Mama's ankles.
Spooker likes to sleep on top of Not The Mama.
Jazper wants to be held in the afternoon and nap in Not The Mama's arms.

11. Not The Mama was born in February.
Daphne and Chloe were born in March, on Lee's birthday.
Spooker's gotcha day is Mother's Day.
Or rather, "Not The Mama's Day"
Jazper's gotcha day is in November.

12. Not The Mama says today's supposed to be
the hottest and humidest day of the year so far.
Daphne likes to curl up in the sunbeams.
Chloe likes to stretch out in sunbeams.
Spooker says "Time for a nap in the sun!"
Jazper spent the morning in the display windows in the sun,
and just finished Second Breakfast.

13. Not The Mama is ready for a nap after this post!
Daphne and Chloe are busy playing with a catnip rattle-mousie toy.
Spooker is already on her third nap for the day.
Jazper has a full tummy and is napping
at Not The Mama's feet under the computer desk!

Part of this TT was posted previously here @ Purrchance To Dream
around Christmas time, but Not The Mama re-vamped it so it's not a total repeat.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Toona, tem-tay-shuns, rattle mousies and naps. All our favorites

  2. wow! that was furry inneresting stuff. y'all kitties are so lucky to have not the mama! he is the cat's pajamas y'all!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. I really liked learning about what is the same and what is different about each of you. My favorite is number 8. I never knew Chloe has webbed toes on her back feet. I let my Mommie trim my clawrs, but I squirm around a lot until it's done.

  4. That was really neat, I like how all of you are alike but different!

    I'm off to find some temptations....


  5. Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch (or dinner), tea, high tea, dinner (or supper), and anything after 6pm is a Midnight Snack!

  6. That was great! We learned a lot!!! Why does Chloe have webbed feet? Is she part duck?

    Luf, Us


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