Toesday = No Shoes Day

Hello everyone, intrepid reporter Daphne here.
Today's newsflash:
Auntie Bee says
"Furry Feet Exempt From
No White Shoes After Labor Day Policy!"

Well, that IS good news!
Now, Jazper can take off his pink tennies
and play grab and bite again...

Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. Hooray! Our white furry feets are exempt from the rule! This is a big relief.

    Hey, I see your Cat Dancer and your catnip carrot! That's very cool.

  2. Well I'm glad to hear that! Though mine have been a bit blue lately (I think from litter).


  3. That's good news! You have very cute toes, Jazper!

  4. Well, the little shooz were very cute, but shoooz are quite high maintenance... we have enough to keep track of.
    Besides, those are white sox :-)

  5. That IS a relief. I mite not mind shooz too much, but I can't imagine my poor Mom puttin them on Bonnie!
    PS If Bonnie still played, you could be her, Jazper!

  6. Good thing we are exempt! My toes is white!
    Your FL furiends,

  7. Those who say "no white shoes after Labour Day" are just jealous of your super white toes.

  8. Yes, we were glad to hear this proclamation from Auntie Bee, although we thought Jasper's tennies were quite da bomb!

    As for our Cardinal Plant, Maw didn't water it one day. Poof, that was it. We haven't tried Nepeta.

    Picked up a gorgeous shade plant this weekend, called Peacock Ginger. Solid green large leaves with tiny purple flowers barely poking out from the leaves. Unfortunately, it is supposed to be a "tender" perennial for this region, so we'll see if it comes back. Since I kill hostas, it's probably iffy for me... But this time, I've amended the soil with compost and expanded shale which is supposed to do wonders for North Texas soils. Then I tilled it in about 6 inches. We'll see.

    Luf, Us & Maw

  9. That is good news ~Shadow of the Fluffy Tribe

  10. I liked your little shoes but I like your toesies better!!! You don't look happy with your shoes on, either...

  11. what cute little feetsies you haf dere...

    smiles, auntie bee


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