T13 with Chloe

Yesterday, Not The Mama posted a picture of me in Spooker's new bed.
Most people thought I was Spooker!
Thanks to Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa for being the first to realize it was ME,
not Spooker, in the bed!
Silly Not The Mama, playing funny games (at least he thinks so...)
Here are 13 reasons I shouldn't be mistaken for Spooker,

  1. I'm a calico.
  2. Spooker is a Russian Blue.
  3. I am a petite little girl.
  4. Spooker is a widebelly pleasantly plump.
  5. I don't hiss (well, not much...)
  6. Spooker hisses at me & Daphne all the time.
  7. Not The Mama is surprised if I growl.
  8. Not The Mama rolls his eyes every time Spooker growls.
  9. I patrol the bathroom in the morning while Not The Mama showers, and help with his getting ready.
  10. Spooker barely crawls out of bed in the morning to get her Temptations before she goes in for another nap.
  11. I tear around the house with my sister "like a herd of wild ponies".
  12. Spooker is too busy napping to be a pony.
  13. I am Not The Mama's Sweet Pea, which means I'm special.
Our Thursday 13 linky box is located
at The Mo Show bloggie this week.

Mo and The Purries


  1. I guess you could say you are a morning cat and Spooker is not!
    Getting up for Temptations is tiring so that's why she goes back to bed ;)
    Heeheehee,Chloe,you are too cute :)

  2. I would NEVER get the two of you confused as you're both unique ladies, Chloe!

  3. Hi Chloe! I am a morning kitty too!

  4. I am Momma's sweet pea too and I think that is a very important thing!

  5. Great job on the Thursday Thirteen, Chloe! Now it is certain that I will NEVER mistake you for Spooker!

  6. We are morning kitties too! We love to wake Mommy and Daddy up at 5am so we can play thundering herd of pirate kitties!

  7. Chloe, you remind me a lot of myself. Maybe we calico cats have a lot in common. I am petite, I do not hiss or growl, and I like to tear around the house!

  8. Spooker sounds more like Zippy...growly and hissy. 'Cept Zippy gets up in da morning and plays.

  9. Oh sure, you wait until I put your site in my side bar, and add you to my Google reader then you play a dirty trick. Drat. Have a great TT. :)

  10. Great list! Growling and hissing.... sounds too familiar! LOL

  11. Spooker growls? The kitties that used to own me never growled... now my dogs have both been known to growl, but not at me... they won't get ready with me because they are scared of the shower.

  12. You should never be mistaken for Spooker! I think you and Ruckus would get along very well in the morning.

  13. Sorry Chloe!!! We screwed up! Those are 13 wonderful reasons to not get you confused with Spooker!

    Luf, Us

  14. Well, we do admit to having quite a bit of practice telling solid dark color kitties from those who have lots of colors. We've also had practice telling growly "plump" kitties from those who aren't.


    ::runs and hides from Grr::


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