We're Gonna Be Moving

Last night, Not The Mama told us we're gonna be moving.
Our blog is staying here.
It's me & Daphne & Spooker & Not The Mama who are moving.
We're moving into an apartment above The Wren's Nest.
He says it will be less drafty and warmer,
but the compromise is there will no longer be stairs
for us to run up and down.
He says we probably will even get to meet
Jazper & Little Isis face-to-face.
You KNOW Spooker isn't gonna like THAT!!!
We'll keep you up-dated on the particulars as they happen.
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. It will be a good thing Chloe. Well, maybe not for Spooker, but everyone else. Have a purrfect day. :)

  2. wow that is eggciting!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. I think that sounds great! Now Not-the-Mama will have a very, very short commute so he will see you more. And warmer is always better. Always.

  4. Oh goody - a meeting of the families!

  5. Warmer, no commute, the family gets together...what's not to love??

  6. movin?! i've done that once. When i was a wee little kitty... 3 months... i moved from my one home with my fur mommy and fur sister, to live with my beanies.

    It was a bit scary.

    Maybe one day i'll blog about that adventure.

  7. ooooh - is that the place next to the haunted place that you were talking about on your show? we sure wish we lived right by the Lady's work so we could see her more often. she wastes at least 3 hours per day in her car. without us. ::pout::

  8. Now all of Not the Momma's kitties will be shopcats! It sounds fun and I'm sure Spooker will adjust because she knows your Not the Momma loves her.
    Kitty hugs,

  9. What an exciting move for you all! And how convenient for Not the Mama!

  10. Not the M-word! And no more stairs? Rrrrr. I moved once, and loved having more space and stairs. I don't like change.

  11. Oh, moving is stressful. Hope all goes well with it. Give your human lots of purrs, he will need them!

  12. WHAT? The Big-M word? Oh dear....

  13. Moving? Moving??? Moving just discombulates us something terrible!


  14. That sounds eggsiting. Yoo'll all be one big happy family togevver then.

  15. If you live above the store,does that mean Isis will not get to swipe any more pizza? heehee

  16. Hmm, warmer, less drafty and Not the Mama will be close by...sounds good.

  17. Wow, Max is movin an now you guys are! We sure hope this isnt a circley thing, cause we DONT want to move.

  18. KC said...
    O, that sounds like fun. tha Wren's Nest is such a cute shop an to get to live just upstairs from it, that should be so much fun. an warmer always be better.
    Purrs, KC

    pee ess: kitties, ur's home is wherever Not The Mama is, so i's know u's gonna be happy.

  19. Awesome commute for Not the Mama! Spooker will like it warmer, so hopefully that will offset meeting Jazper & Isis. We are purring that everything goes well.

  20. Moving is exciting. You'll have a new space to explore!

    But no STAIRS!??
    I didn't have stairs ever before, but this new Morning Scratch facility has stairs... AND I don't think I could go back!! StaIRS!

  21. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Sounds like Not theMama will be right there with y'all. Tell Spooker not to get all stressed. It will be okay.

  22. You know, Chloe, Dobbs and I moved, and we're okay! You'll probably find something else wonderful in place of the stairs.

    Will you have new birdies to see outside your window?

    Maybe Spooker and Jaz will be friends! Maybe.

  23. Well that's great! NTM is keeping The Wren's Nest!

    What about the Chick-Hens?

    Luf, Us


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