Yesterday morning, I was lying in bed with Daphne. She'd stretch, then I'd stretch. She'd yawn, then I'd yawn. Very relaxing, warm and snuggly.
Then, suddenly, there was a CRASH from the kitchen.
Now, I would have bet good money that Little Isis was the reason for the crash...
Of course, Daphne leapt straight off the bed, Spooker bolted from her bed under my bed, and by the time I found my slippers and got to the kitchen, Chloe was hiding under the table in the living room. Isis, unfazed, was already playing with the broken glass.
It took me a minute to wrap my head around what had happened, since my first instinct was to think "Oh Isis!" but it turns out it was the overhead light fixture globe. All the heavy-footed traipsing around of the people upstairs must've gotten it loose, until on an other wise peaceful Sunday morning, it came crashing down!
I'm just glad no one was under it! I mean, that was some thick glass - it dented the linoleum!
I had to lock poor innocent Isis (try saying that with a straight face!) up in the bathroom, and the rest of the girls in the bedroom --- it took me almost an hour to clean up all that glass!
I guess the moral of the story is "Isis isn't responsible for every crash" ... or it could be "if you stay late in bed, the light won't crash down on your head!"

ciao for now,
Not The Mama

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  1. Boy we're glad no one was hurt!

  2. i am so glad that no one was hurt, now having said THAT:

    the adventures of the ntm gang with little isis as the "character" de jour!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. Yikes, you are all lucky not to have been hurt by that. It's kind of funny though, because I knew Isis had done something bad. I'm ashamed of myself. Bwahahahahaha. Have a great evening. :)

  4. Well now that will just ruin a purrfectly relaxing Sunday morning everytime, now won't it?

    We like the "Bob's Bits Go Bye-Bye". We're gonna have to trap Bob first though.

    Luf, Us

  5. Oh wow, that is scary. Glad no beans or kitties were hurt!

  6. Ouch! I'm glad everyone's feet were okay, that couldn't hav ebeen fun!

  7. I can't believe you would blame Isis the innocent for ANYTHING. Dear, sweet, adorable, little Isis!

    Poor, midunderstood, darling, house panther!

    I am so glad everyone is alright though.

  8. I'm glad no one was hurt! I had to smile though, because whenever we hear a loud noise we say, "Cricket!" Have a great day with your kitties, NTM.

  9. I am glad that no one was hurt. But what a thing to wake up to!

  10. our Lady knows exactly how you feel. exactly. she was sleeping on Sunday (after getting up to feed inside and outside kitties @ 6:30, she went back to sleep) and was rudely awakened by the sound of breaking glass. all of us GOOD kitties, who were sleeping with her, went flying as she ran to the kitchen to discover the most recent victims of Rascal, the Tabby Terror - a glass, a glass vase, some flowers and some marbles.


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