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In honor of her Gotcha Day this week, we have
13 Trivia Questions About Spooker

And now the answers from Spooker herself!

  1. What is Spooker's middle name? My middle name is Marie, but I usually only hear it when Not The Mama thinks I've done something wrong...
  2. What breed of cat is she? I'm a Russian Blue.
  3. What is Spooker's favorite thing to do? Nap, of course!
  4. When Not The Mama is in bed, what does Spooker like to get scritched? My chin.
  5. Where is Spooker's water bowl? On the bathroom sink.
  6. What kind of box was Spooker abandoned in? A shoe box.
  7. What was the name given to Spooker at the shelter? Grady - what were they thinking?
  8. Before Daphne & Chloe came along, what was Spooker the Center Of? I am the Glorious Center Of The Known Universe! And the sooner those interlopers realize that fact, the better!
  9. Due to her sensitive tummy, what is the only kind of kibble Spooker eats? Iams kibbles.
  10. What is her favorite flavor of Temptations? ALL of them!
  11. What was she possessed by in the Dayton house? Terriers.
  12. Who is Spooker's Stalker? That boil on my butt Little Isis.
  13. Is Spooker more likely to sign-off with "purrs & headbutts" or "growls & hisses"? Unless you're Not The Mama, you're not getting purrs and headbutts from me, kids. Now, get outta here, it's time for a nap!
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Mo and The Purries


  1. oooooh - we know most of those! we've gotta look up about 3 of them though. we'll be back later.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Spooker!!!!!!!!!

  3. I feel like a big numskull because I do not know a lot of those. But I know her first name was Grady, and she was in a shoebox, and I think she is more likely to growl and hiss than purr and headbutt! Is she a Russian Blue?

  4. 1. Marie
    3. nap
    11. a woofie

  5. Let's see... Isis is her stalker, Hisses and Growls is her sign off, she's a Russian Blue. I think she eats Iams. Her favorite thing is napping.
    I had a kitty named Binki Marie. Marie is a nice middle name for a kitty girl. :)
    You're a beautiful girl Spooker and I know NTM loves you very much. Happy Gotcha Day!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  6. I know #8!!!

    Spooker was the center of NTM's WHOLE WIDE WORLD...

    The other ones I knew for sure have already been answered... I'm sure someone will have them all soon.

    Happy Gotcha Day Spooker!

  7. I am really poor on my Spooker trivia! I won't even try to guess.

  8. Spooker, you're my kind of cat! Purrs and nosekisses, indeed! I've explained why I'm useful today, like it needs explanation, and of course I am encouraging visitors to visit the raffle. Respectfully yours, Bonnie

  9. Now I know all the answers. Many of them had me stumped!

  10. Oh darn it, I should have known number 10!

  11. sorry to be late! drat! i knew some of them spooker marie!

    smiles, auntie bee


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