No, this post isn't about getting Pete's hoo-ha's snipped, not yet - that is coming soon.
It's about trimming his claws last night.  What an ordeal.  But they'd gotten to the "velcro-sound" on carpet stage, and he loves to wrap his paws around my wrist or ankle, and the little needles started to bleed me every time.
     Suffice it to say, he had to go into the Klaw Kontrol Bag and finally he calmed down enough for me to get the job done.  I've never seen a cat with such retraction force with their dew claws, though - seriously, I had to massage the foreleg around it to get him to loosen up enough for me to extend those claws!
     Daphne let me trim her claws with relatively little fuss, but when I tried to do Chloe, she fought me so hard she started drooling and panting.  Which of course freaked me out and I let her go.  It was a year ago that I had to rush her to the Emergency Room for the excessive drooling and shallow breathing... so she played the Drool Card and got a Get Out Of Claw Trimming Free Pass.  This time.  Don't worry, within two minutes she was back up on my lap, totally fine, making biscuits on my tummy.  But of course, that was AFTER she saw me set the nail trimmers down.
     Now to make that Petey hoo-ha-ectomy V-E-T appointment...
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Poor Petey... hoo-ha-ectomy. Bwahahahahaha. Sorry but that made em laugh out loud.

    Have a purrfect day all. Big hug to NTM. :)

  2. klaw kontrol bag? oh poor Petey.

    we nefur has a prollem wif getting clippy claws. mommy sits us on her lap and gifs us a kissy for each claw we let her clippy. Sammy purrss the whole time.

  3. We could use one of those bags, but we think our sisfur Anna Sue would put a bitey on Momma, or do what Chloe did!
    ~ Bandit of The Bunch

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Poor Uncle Mo! That Klaw Kontrol Bag looks more like a Bunnykick Disabler.

    What Mom? Oh, that's the idea?

    Well, that does not seem right then. Poor Petey. Purrhaps Chloe can teach Petey to drool.

  5. We have those exact same clipperers. I do not really enjoy getting my clawrs trimmed, either.

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I've seen that pedi-paws thing on TV... wonder if it will work better cause less havoc...Maybe you won't have to cat wrangle...

    Just a thought from a non-pet owner who really believes those "as seen on TV" claims...LOL!

    Poor Petey... he will soon be hung like a housecat as a friend always says...

  7. Uh oh ...Mama has that "I should try that bag" look in her eyes! Guess I shouldn't have clawed her so hard when she and Daddy were trimmim' my toesies last time ...


  8. LOL at Chloe!!!!!! That's one smart kitty ;) We are not overly crazy about nail trims either!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Poor Uncle Mo. My mom is lucky that I let her clip my nail with no problem. She just lays me on my back and clip, clip!

  10. Mewom is eye-balling that Klaw Kontrol Bag......we aren't liking it one bit.

    She usually sneaks up on us during sleep and gets a few nails clipped before we are fully awake. That or she lets the beans at the v-e-t office do it. Junior even got a good kitty discount one time.


  11. Hmmm, Klaw Kontrol Bag....might be worth a try. Our little S'more is the only one of us that doesn't mind nail trims. Rocky and Angie, not so much! :)

  12. Anonymous6:58 PM

    PHEW!!! Ohhh I am so glad Momma does not trim our claws anymore!!!
    She finally discovered they are like little sharks teefs and fall out when the new one grows through, this is why we scratch on the scratching post, to get rid of our old claws.. but then we must be very careful not to hurt Momma with them when we play :)

    Ohh Petey!! You will feel much better after they is all gone! :)


  13. I always find the kitties initially freaked about those little clippers, but when the treats come out---not so bad anymore. Try doing one paw at a time, give treats. Go back later for another--more treats. Ok, so it takes like 3 weeks to finish, but it saves on scratches and not so happy kitties. Good luck! :)

  14. Mom said: "The claw-control bag looks essential" - she is going to order one.
    We said: Better buy a tin of Band Aid too Mom! Hahahahaha!


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