sending purrs

We're sending out Purrs and Purrayers to some special friends this week:  Daddy Charley and Charlie Cat and Mommie ML from the Sherwood Bunch.

And purrs to Daisy too - we hope you get over your cold soon!

And a big HAPPY Purrthday to Gandalf and Grayson, too!

Chloe, Daphne, Spooker, Jazper, Little Isis, Petey, and Not The Mama, too!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. We are purring hard for all our friends.

  2. Awwww. thanks for the birthday wishes, purries and NTM! We are purring our best purrs for everycat!

  3. Thanks, Chloe! Calico purrs are good medicines! Today is the first day where my Mommie can see some real improvement. I'm not blowing bubbles out my tiny nostrils any more, and I am spending more time sitting up and looking around instead of conked out and sleeping. And no more mouth breathing! You are a good friend.

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  5. We are purring for the kitties and people to get better too.

  6. We are too! LOTS of purrs going there ways!

  7. Chloe! you are so sweet! We are purring for everyone too!


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