AC, Elsie, and Mom Robyn

Elslie Fallulah’s birthday is on Wednesday, July 15th. Her only wish is for Anderson Cooper to send her a happy birthday message…either on facebook, our blog, twitter or email. Can you guys post this graphic on the CB and ask our friends to possibly post it on their blogs? We are hoping to have Anderson’s Facebook, Twitter (@andersoncooper) and blog blasted with emails from our friends bringing to his attention his #1 Feline Fan…maybe if we all contact him lots between now and Wednesday night, maybe he’ll make Elsie’s wish come true… Thanks! 
 Today is Mom Robyn's Purrthday!  Please hop on over to Hot(M)BC and wish the Hottie's Mom a great big birthday HAPPY DAY!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Happy Birthday to Mom Robyn. I a sure that AC will not know what hit him today! :)

  2. ♥Happy Birthday♥

    We've sent so many messages to Mr. Anderson Cooper we think he's hiding in the closet☺


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