Sepia Jaz

orton-ish jaz

I just love playing with sepia-toning on Flickr/Picnik and this is one of my latest creations = Jazper in sepia.  With an Orton-ish effect applied.
Jaz is doing fine - he's shedding so much now that the weather has finally warmed up that some of his coat is getting matted, which has never happened before.  And I think it's time to call Dr. Butts to get some more of the anti-fungal drops for his recurring ear juice problem.  But other than that, he's a happy cat.
There's a sepia-toned picture of Isis up at today's House Panthers, and I have my first attempt at a layered-texture sepia pic up at It's A Blog Eat Blog World - and also there is my first post with the NEW MckLinky linkies system.  Give it a try and see what you think.
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Those are always so cool!

  2. Those are great pictures. We may have to try that sepia stuff...

  3. The sepia softens the dark fur, which allows the large and expressive eyes to shine like a star...

  4. I just saw Isis and now Jazper - both beautiful shots and beautiful kitties!
    I really like the tone of sepia you've used.

  5. Your cat shots are always special. Love the photo.

  6. This is really pretty on a tabby!
    Looking good Jazper!

  7. Beutiful shot... and nice in sepia.

  8. Beutiful shot... and nice in sepia.

  9. Love it, there's just something very portraitesque about it. Very well done.


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