oh noes!

This afternoon, a guy ran into the store and asked me for help with a "kitten in a car engine" - the car was parked  on the street next to my store.  As the guy got down on his knees by the car, suddenly this little brown blur ran out into the street.
The guy and I stopped two on-coming cars, and just as the kitten made it to the sidewalk again, Bessie showed up and we corralled it into The Wren's Nest doorway.
Before the kitten could run, I grabbed it up and it bit me good in my left index finger.
After checking it out to make sure it didn't need emergency vet care, Bessie and I got the tiny thing up into the apartment bathroom.  She hid for a couple hours, but came out to eat.  After a while, the little peanut let me pet her and I showed her where the kibble and litter box and bed are located.  So, I present to you Peanut Fostorius:

peanut fostorius

Updated = "peanut" turned out to not only be a GIRL but to also only have the temporary name "peanut" for a short time...

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Mo and The Purries


  1. so Cute :) happy day!!!

  2. Oh, hi Peanut! Engines are not or kitties... houses are. It's a good thing you found a safe spot. :)

  3. Hey Peanut, you picked a good spot to get rescued! NTM is a good guy and will take really good care of you. Mum says you have a sweet face.

  4. What a kyootie pie! There you go again NTM!!!

    Luf, Us

  5. They sure know how to find the right place!

    Good job Mr Peanut!

  6. I'm so glad you got Peanut out of there! I love a happy ending.

  7. Little stinker! Don't bite the hand that rescues you! Cutie...

  8. Wot a feisty little guy! He not noes how luckee he is!

  9. You're so wonderful for rescuing him.

  10. Peanut--what a smart cat you are to need help outside the Wren's Nest. Do you have a sign NTM?

  11. He's a cutie.
    No telling how far this little kitty trekked to get to NTM's house. I'm sure it is legendary up north.

  12. Ahhhh, he looks so much like the tiger kitty we had years ago. We called her Pepper because of the gray and white and black coloring.

  13. Anonymous9:07 AM

    peanut is a cutie pie!

  14. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You're a good person NTM - lucky kitty

  15. They always know to find NTM! Ho-boy. But she is CUTE!
    ~ Victor

    Mo, flickr's not showing the picture for me. You probably need to insert it again.

  16. Yea NTM! She's a cutie. Does she have your heart already?


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