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NTM finally got around to making some greeting cards featuring ME for BellisiMo, his Etsy store, and he even featured this news at the House Panthers blog today!
He's been really crafty lately, and not in the crafty sense like me, plotting Total World Domination, but in the putting together stuff sense of the word crafty.  Hanging on our kitchen door is this lovely red and brass wind chime that I really really really want to play with.  Darn him for putting it up out of my reach!  But he says that it is so that when YOU go buy it, it will be in great condition!
I LOVE the sparkly red beads in this chime, and they dazzle prettily in the sunshine.  Not that we have gotten much sunshine this January in Michigan, but that's another story. 
NTM says that this chime would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift, by the way!  
Go check out this and his other items on BellisiMo now!
Meow for now,
Little Isis

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  1. That does look like a fun wind chime to play with!

  2. That is a gorgeous windchime! We love it!

  3. That is such a gorgeous chime! Great work!

  4. Hi!
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that your blog has been included in the "Mouchois Kitty Toolbar"! The toolbar makes it easier for users to keep up to date with your blog. :D

    If you'd like to download the toolbar for yourself, or just see what it's about, please visit the following link:

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  5. wow
    i have several windchimes in the house
    i like yours

  6. I like it!
    Please come and visit me today and help me help Wayside Waifs!

  7. That's a very pretty wind chime you created, Mo.

    My Linus and Rigby could really have fun with it.

    Happy belated Ruby Tuesday ~


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