We're still here

We haven't been posting much, but we're still here.  One of our favorite things about Orlando is getting to sniff the fresh air in January when the door is open during the day.  The bugs are pretty good too, when iDaddy doesn't snatch them away from us and squish them!
We're happy that iDaddy is here with us - we've been enjoying him rather than posting here, and we thank you for sticking with us.
Meow for now,
The Purries
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Mo and The Purries


  1. What?! Your have a male human that takes bugs from you and SQUISHES them?! That is just not right - he is supposed to let you play with them and then eat them.

  2. Ours has taken away the last two buggies from US too. He normally doesnt unless the sting. But the last 2 were STINK bugs and he REALLY dint want us ta eat them. Given the name, we're glad he did.

    Were YOURS stink bugs?

  3. We are glad you are enjoying your iDaddy and the warmer weather! I think it is very cold where you used to be right now.

  4. Oh you has to tell iDaddy that bugs are full of proteens! They is very good fur you.
    We is glad you is enjoying yourselves in Orlando, sounds like the purrfect place to be right now!

  5. I thinks iDaddy is just being your protector!

  6. Hello!!! You two look very curious. What do you see???

  7. Bummer about the bugs. Sometimes we lose our bugs too. The Lady doesn't think we kill 'em fast enough. But really, what fun are they to play with if they're just lying there?

  8. bugs, bugs, good for the heart ! hehehe. we like this photo of you guys, very inquisitive looking. very very cute!


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