For Cathy

I am in total shock.  Beau's human mom Cathy has passed away.
There is a copy of the obituary at the Cat Blogosphere.
For those of you who don't know, Cathy had a bone infection on her foot and a second infection also.  Both were resistant to antibiotics and they didn't want to heal after surgeries.  But still, the last time I chatted with her on Instant Messaging, she was determined to beat it.
See, I truly call Cathy a friend - she and I Instant Message chatted at least once a week, about our cats, about our love lives, about religion.  About life.  She was a truly great lady who loved Beau with her entire heart.  And she was a great friend to me, always asking about me, always transporting Beau over to give Chloe some comfort after Chloe had been comforting me with my depression, and always being a good friend.
My heart aches, my tears flow, and I pray that Beau has someone to give him a new home.  For someone I never met in person, she was a true friend to me.
I'm just in shock, yet I know that with her faith, she has gone on to a better place.
~ Morgen

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Mo and The Purries


  1. That is a wonderful tribute to Cathy. We are sure she is feeling all our love while she looks down on us.

    We too hope that Beau does well with Cathy's sister. We hate to think of him not doing well and her giving him up.

  2. Mo, we understand… we were also shocked and shed tears and we didn't know her as well as others. It is comforting to know how many true friends she had through cat blogging. There's a gaping hole in the CB without Cathy and Beau. She's in a better place, surrounded by CB cat angels (even Bonnie, glaring from a distance). Hugs to you and the kitties!

  3. It was so shocking to hear. I had read that she was doing better and then suddenly you hear that she's not only not doing better, but that she is gone. It is amazing how close we feel to those we have only ever met through sharing online.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Cathy, Mo. This is the first loss I've had of a human from the CB and FB that we knew. So sad. Pray Beau is going to a good home. My heart breaks for him and Cathy's family. (((HUGS)))

  5. We were so sorry to read this on CB this morning. I did not know Cathy as you did, and am so very sorry for your loss.
    I think Beau will have a wonderful home with Cathy's sister.

  6. Mo, what a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Cathy. I read about her passing very, very early this morning, and her and Beau have been on my mind ever since. I am sending her family and sweet Beau, many thoughts and prayers ...
    Momma Jan

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Cathy. We are sending purrs and prayers of comfort to you, to Beau, and to her family.

  8. Dear Morgan, we understand completely. this is just heart crushing news for us too. We adored Cathy. She was such a wonderful and very caring friend.
    We will never every forget her


  9. I'm so sorry. I didn't really know Beau or Cathy, but I know this is a big loss for many in the Cat Blogosphere.

  10. Mom Paula: I agree with you 100%. I can't tell you the number of times Cathy and I chatted through instant messaging on FB and how supportive she was to me as I went through my surgeries and grieved about Sweet Praline. I prayer Beau will be well taken care of.

  11. Mo, that is a fantastic tribute to a very wonderful lady. Thank you for putting words to what I can not express.
    I also thought she was getting better and am in shock.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & Kitties

  12. This is a beautiful tribute and Milo and Alfie are purring for Beau.

    It's such a tragedy. I knew how serious the infection was because my own son had exactly the same thing in 1979 ~ he had 3 surgeries and was given the "last rights" before the last surgery (heart surgery as he developed pericarditis) as they didn't think he'd survive. He was only 4 years old ~ but happily did survive.
    I'd hoped that medications had improved over the years ~ so when Cathy told me what the problem was, I thought she'd be OK, even though it was serious. So very very sad. Such a waste of a lovely lady's life.


  13. dear mo, that was a lovely tribute to such a sweet lady. we are sending you and your fambly lotsa purrs an' purrayers, an' soft headbonks.

    yer furriends,
    the meowers an' mommer

  14. Morgen--
    Thank you so much for putting words to the feelings I've had these last few days. Cathy was one of our Original Fuzz Family, who met on the Daily Kitten, back before The Lady rescued KC, and with Auntie Deb's help sent her to ML and MBE.

    Cathy was one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met--though never in person. Between her faith in Our Dear Lord and her love for Beau, she was very close to perfect.

    I know she is in a better place, with no pain or infirmity, and she will wait for Beau to join her.
    My prayer now is that Beau has a long and happy life before that day comes.

    I hope that Teresa will call on us first if Beau needs help or a new home.
    Morgen, I truly hope, also, that NTM and Idaddy have a long and happy life together.

    Mumma Jan and the Washington State "Purries"

  15. It is sad news. Our purrs to Beau for the loss of his wunnerful Bein.


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