Remembering Jazper

Yesterday was kind of a tough day for NTM, because he was missing the Jaz Man so much.  Jazper came into our lives as a rescue, and we agreed to foster him, but then of course he became the perfect shop cat at NTM's store in Michigan.  And he stayed a while, to enrich our lives.
But when it was time for NTM to close the store, Jaz did not want to become part of The Purries at home with the rest of us.  It was quite a stressful situation for all of us involved.  Finally, with a broken heart but knowing it was the right thing to do, NTM found a new Forever Home for Jazper.  He now is a wonderfully pampered Only Cat, and we still hear from his new mom occasionally with updates.  That doesn't mean NTM and iDaddy don't miss him every single day.  They do.  It's been three years now since Jaz went to live with his new mom, but they still miss him.  
Yesterday was Jaz's Gotcha Day, the day that Jaz got off that plane from Rhode Island and joined us in Michigan.  He was such an integral part of The Wren's Nest, and made that experience so rich. We will never forget him, but know that he is loving being an Only Cat.
Live well, Jaz.  We will always love you.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Purrs to you today. Even though Jaz has an awesome home, how could you not miss him?

  2. Such a sweet post. We are sorry you are missing Jaz, but happy that he has found such a wonderful and loving forever home.

  3. He's a very special boy, and was the purrfect addition to your lovely shop. We still remember that first picture of him in the homeless kitty colony in Rhode Island - he was kind of rolling over and looking upside down, like he wanted to play and be loved. You gave him a wonderful home - two wonderful homes, actually, because you found him his new people too. <3
    Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
    Rascal & Riley

  4. of course he is missed. no matter where they go, mom misses our fosters and this would be even harder. you can make all the right decisions, but you still miss those that touch your heart. :)

  5. Has it been three years? Wow. Jazper was very lucky to have found you, not only for the time you fostered him in the store (we will always remember he was too grumpy to be out the day the woman came into the store!) but because you found him a new home where he is the only cat, which is what he really wanted. Who could ever ask for more?

  6. Aww, what a sweet post. What a great boy Jaz must be. ((Hugs)) and purrs from us at Prancer Pie.

  7. It is important ta miss Jaz, but it is also so good he has a home he feels "right" in...


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