Thursday 13 With Daphne (#2)

Hello Fur-friends!

Since last week, I listed 13 things I LIKE,
I figured this week I'd list
13 things I DON'T LIKE!
  1. Being told NO!
  2. The vacuum cleaner running anywhere in the house.
  3. The phone ringing.
  4. The robot lady's voice on the answering machine.
  5. Auntie Spooker hisssssing at me.
  6. The opening sequence of Buffy DVDs --- why does it have to be so loud & scary?
  7. An empty food dish.
  8. Sounds coming up from the basement, especially a staple gun.
  9. Stinky incense.
  10. Missing the landing on one of my more spectacular leaps.
  11. Having my tummy rubbed.
  12. Getting blamed for things I tried to frame Chloe for...
  13. The bedroom wastepaper basket standing upright --- how am I supposed to have access to used dryer sheets, wadded up receipts, and empty tea light cups if this basket is standing upright? Why can't it stay knocked over like I like it? I really want to know!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

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  1. Oh, Daphne.

    You and Merlin really are made for each other! Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen!

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Hi Daphne!

    My cat does not like you the unknown persons. But I believe that it is a dread, it takes him time to give confidence to a new person in his area. Ahh .. also he does not like it the cars in movement, goes out running when a car approaches towards him.


  3. Those are great! I will share them with my cats Coconut and Marcel. I think they will be truly impressed!

    Happy TT!!

  4. Hi Daphne. Found you over at Merlin's page. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us.

  5. LOKi's Thursday Thirteen- What I don't like:
    1.Not getting answers to the e-mail I send
    2.No toys to play with
    3.Like Daphne- no food in my dish
    4.Loud noises
    6.Anyone else on Mom's lap
    7.Food in someone else's dish
    8.Mommy leaving, especially with over-nite gear
    9.Getting the gunk cleaned out of my eyes
    10.Getting my nails clipped- although I like getting baths
    11.Anyone challenging my superiority
    13.Lack of access to food

  6. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Love it! My cats have a garbage can fetish too. They cannot stay upright. Now though, I think they do it more to obtain their control over the house rather than convenience or entertainment.

  7. Daphne, this is the first time I have visited a cat's blog. I had heard some cats have them, but I am new to blogging and hadn't actually found one- untill today. I like your blog, and I like your TT lists, last weeks too. I will have to tell my daughter to visit your blog, she loves cats. I will have to tell our cat, Oliver too..though I don't think he is quite as smart as you-I don't think he can use a computer (though he likes to walk across it). He is very smart, I don't want to mis-represent him..he just isn't very computer literate.
    like your blogs and your pictures!
    Jenny in Ca

  8. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Thats a creative blog. I was very entertained..thanks

  9. LOL!!!
    What a fun idea.
    Happy TT!

  10. sadie: thanks! It's from your site (and neila's from Blog That Mommy! that I found the Thursday Thirteens!). ♥ to Merlin!

    christine: thanks for finding us amusing!

    jean paul: thanks for the visit -- keep Senor Gato away from strangers and approaching cars! ;)

    neila: thanks for coming & checking out our TT -- when do we get to see pics of Coconut & Marcel?

    grr, midnight, & cocoa: you betcha!!! ♥ my furr-friends

    george, tipper, max & misty: I will stop in and see ya today! Thanks for the visit & leaving a comment!

    inamini & LOKi: great TT! You should add it to your blog! we ♥ LOKi for listing his TT here!

    amerlee: let's hear it for trash can kitties!

    jennifer: hope it's not your last visit here! tell Oliver to come back and visit, too!

    amy: thank you! purrr

    brony: thanks ~ and a big purry TT to you, too!

  11. Great list! My cat... doesn't like it when he has to go a minute without food in his mouth, and has gained about 4-5 lbs the last year.

  12. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Yes, what is it with you cats and upright trash cans?!



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