The Temptation Of Spooker

A cautionary tale
by Not The Mama

Spooker has been with me since she was a just-weaned kitten, over a decade. She's always just eaten kibble, she has never had an interest in any stinky goodness. She's always turned her nose up at kitty treats offered to her: Pounce, Feline Greenies, none of them appealed to her. She never has had an interest in people food, either - with the exception of licking out my bowl of vanilla ice cream. No other flavor of ice cream, just vanilla.

Then along came Temptations, Salmon Flavor.

We've all seen what these have done to my little Chloe -- my little docile Calico Rose could now be a kitty crack peddler on the mean streets, whispering to barn cats, "Pssst. You wanna some Temptations? I got a dime bag."

But I was un-prepared for the Temptations Transformation Effect it would have on Spooker.
She's an older, grumpy cat, set in her ways. Routines of napping are scheduled around naptime.
Then, she tried a Temptation.
At first, she just sniffed it, unsure of what I was offering. Then she licked it, cautiously.
Then she picked it up in her front teeth and plucked it gently from my fingertips and set it down between her feet to lick it some more.
Her eyes widened, and she inhaled it.
And she came back for more.
She meowed for MORE!
After a few, I had to put the bag away, for she has a twitchy tummy and I didn't want her to hurl. Instead, she followed me around the house crying for MORE Temptations!
She saw where I stashed the bag, and spent the next half-hour pawing at the nightstand drawer.

But that was not the end of her transformation.
No, the little crunchy bites of kitty crack seem to have had an actual transforming-effect upon her.
For Christmas, I had purchased a heated cat bed for Spooker. She used it for a couple of days, until Daphne discovered its heated goodness. Then Daphne kicked poor Spooker out, and the old girl wouldn't go back near it. And she seemed to have conceded her role as 'alpha' kitty to Daphne, the younger, stronger, more fearless feline in the house.
However, once she had some Temptations in her, Spooker has re-claimed her heated cat bed!
She's growly and hissy and aggressive about it! If Daphne or Chloe is in the bed, and Spooker comes near, she chases them OUT.
And she's started chasing Daphne -- I'm not sure if you'd call it "playing" or not. Daphne has assumed submissive "I'm on my back chirruping" poses that she NEVER did before! And Spooker stands over her, fangs bared, letting her know that THE BITCH IS BACK.

To me, she had been kind of stand-offish and aloof since Daphne and Chloe joined our household. Now, she is back to an affectionate self that I haven't seen in years. Her legendary strong head-butt is back with force, and she demands attention, as you can see in the recent pic below. She seems more active, attentive, and assertive.
Is all this just a coincidence, or is there some magic in those little crunchy bites of kitty crack?
I don't know, but Spooker and Chloe want MORE!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh its kitty crack alright! Even I go crazy for them and I don't like treats at all. Latte won't even consider Greenies anymore, all he wants are Temptations. You do have to wonder what they put in them....


  2. Wow, that's amazing! :) Whether or not the Temptations are responsible, it's wonderful that Spooker is being so affectionate and assertive again! :)

    My favourite treats are the Feline Greenies, since we can buy those in Germany, but can't buy Temptations.

  3. Ahhhh, temp-tay-shuns...yup, kitty crack! Dey effun make grumpy old Zippy happy, tho she only eats a cuppul den walks away AND LEAVES A PILE FOR US...hehehehe.

  4. Yes, I do not think we have even begun to discover all of the magical effects of Tem-tay-shuns yet. That crunchy outside, that delicious filling inside... oh noooooo! I gotta go get me some.... NOW! NOW! NOW!

  5. Temptations!!!! They's the bestest. Bonnie is a lot like Spooker, upset bout not bein the only cat, but she sets aside her grudge for Temptations. The only times she's really nice to Mom are when she's gettin Temptations or water frum the sink, an efun then, she's too worried bout me to drink. Mom uses the treats to show Bonnie that if she's nice to me, good fings will happen. Bonnie uses the treats to confirm Mom's still her slave :-)
    Gotta go... I'm werkin on gettin that treat cupboard open!

  6. Ok, Bonnie's nefur "nice to me" but at least she's less mean.

  7. okay that's it! i'm getting some for sarge. just nobody tell him they are kitty snacks, y'all hear? let's see what heppens....

    ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  8. Yep kitty crack is right. In our household the girls love them but the boys could care less.


  9. that is awesome! you go spooker! i don't get temptations anymore cause of my allergies and tummy, but i used to go bonkers for them. i was forced to quit cold turkey and the withdrawel symptoms were terrible for all involved....

  10. Those things should come with a warning label!

  11. My, you seem to have found Spooker's weakness! I don't go in for treats at all, but maybe I should have Mom get some Salmon Temptations and I can give them a try.


  12. Mr Tucker says "YOW YOW YOW MROWL ROWL YOW".

    I believe that means, Kitty treats?? What are these Kitty treats?

    Mr Tucker has disdained any kitty treats for as long as I've known him, but these may be worth a try.

  13. Temptations is crack! They must put something in it ;)

  14. I haven't had that flavor, so I beter put in my order for some and check them out.

    If she likes them and the old kittie is back, then give her more!

  15. We love Temptations, too. Our humans say if we keep begging for a fix, we have to join TA (Temptations Anonymous)!

    & the Artsy Catsy addicts

  16. That is such an adorable picture of Spooker. I love it!!!
    Cute story. One of these days I'll try getting some temptations for Honeynut, Brynden, and Doyle.

  17. Yup ... Miss Spooker's got it bad. We LOVE our Temptations®, too ... Mom thinks that they've got something highly addictive in their formula ... If Miss S. likes the salmon ones, keep her far away from the "seafood medley" ones in the green package ... Those are HEAVEN!
    Meow ...

  18. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Cocoa used to whine and beg and make people follow him to the bag every 20 minutes when we were home. Since he and Midnight developed allergies to something they were eating, I've cut back on the Temptations and changed all their food. Now they only get Temptations 4 times a day, and that's a huge cut-back. If Cocoa misses one of his scheduled treat times, he starts meowing his head off. This is bad because the neighbors can't know we have cats. I have to hurry up and break out the treats to shut him up.
    Karen C.

  19. Awww, that's sweet that the Temtayshuns have brought back the kitty in Spooker.

    Luf, Us

  20. Anonymous9:29 PM

    OMG a day late and a dollar short on my comment. But my cat pretty much slaps me awake for Temptations and looks at me like I am stupid if I offer anything else up. LOL! God forbid if it ends up in the BIG RECALL. There will be one unhappy cat and one miserable owner!

  21. Anonymous9:30 PM

    OMG a day late and a dollar short on my comment. But my cat pretty much slaps me awake for Temptations and looks at me like I am stupid if I offer anything else up. LOL! God forbid if it ends up in the BIG RECALL. There will be one unhappy cat and one miserable owner!


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