Totally Random T13
The Cat Quote Edition

  1. "A magazine on the table loses its appeal once I knock it onto the floor." ~ Isis
  2. "I love to lick vanilla ice cream. Vanilla yogurt, not so much." ~ Daphne
  3. "But I want to go to the basement NOW." ~ Jazper
  4. "Spooker, why won't you play with me? Huh? Huh? Oh Spoooker! Huh?" ~ Isis
  5. "Get thee away, mini demon spawn!" ~ Spooker
  6. "I LOVE new Natural Temptations, but what makes my old Temptations un-natural?" ~ Chloe
  7. "Leave me alone, you incessant little pest, can't you see I'm napping?" ~ Spooker
  8. "Oooooh, lookie! Aren't I cute in the trash can?" ~ Isis
  9. "You'll never find where I hid that board game token!" ~ Chloe
  10. "If you don't leave me alone now, I'm gonna thwap-thwap-thwap you but good." ~ Spooker
  11. "Why are those little people putting their hands on my window? Can I eat them?" ~ Jazper
  12. "I didn't mean to knock it over. No, really!" ~ Isis
  13. "Thwap-thwap-thwap-thwap-THWAP! And now, it's time for a nap." ~ Spooker

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I like the last comment Spooker. A perfect afternoon.

  2. Hee hee! We loves #9 and #12!

    Have a great day!

    Rocky, Angie, & S'more xo

  3. I love the quotes! They made me feel like I was right there with you all.

  4. Oh Spooooooker. I know someone that needs a lot of whapppppping done to them. Do you want to handle it?

  5. Oh make me smile! Isis is surely a stinker isn't she? And Spooker...he just lives in his own little tough world now dosn't he? What a little boogerhead! You should enter him in kitty baseball with all that swatting he does! LOL!

    How I wish I could have a few more of these little darlings. I love all the different personalities of your kitties, they are so much fun.
    Love Ya',

  6. Those are some very profound quotes. I am still pondering on quote number 6.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Those are some awesome random quotes... but do you really have little people putting their hands on your window? For real? Did you eat them?

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Poor Spooker, getting stalked is no fun. Soon the novelty will be over.

  9. Oh Kitties, what would NTM do without you? Spooker you are an adorable curmudgeon! This list made me laugh. :) Thank You!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  10. I like magazines efen onna floor. It is cool to try to turn the pages...

  11. Oh, once da magazine is on da floor yoo can shred da pages! Um, can anyone answer #6?

  12. Regarding #11: YES! Yes, you can certainly eat them! They only squirm for the first few minutes or so.

  13. Well wish came true last night. My Dear Daughter brought me an early Mother's Day Gift. I now have a little Calico I named Amelia Grace. I was going to name her Emma Grace after my Grandmother on my father's side, but my Gina Marie liked Amelia better, so we went with that.

    She looks so much like your Chloe did as a kitten. I just saw her picture as a baby in the post above. That is something! Amelia was the only kitten with a tail...the other 4 are bobtails. Strange isn't it? She has the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. We will get together and get my kitty blog made. I am in kitten love! My Boo is being a stinker though. Hissing her fannie off! I saw her give her a bop on the head too. Oh woe is me! ;-) But, I will get over it!

  14. excellent! and time for a nap yay!!!

    smiles, auntie bee


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