Party On, Little Isis

I have NO idea how Little Isis can turn her nose up at Temptations, but she does.  Not The Mama says I should be glad, since that means there's more for ME - even if we have Hoover, er I mean Pete, in the house, sucking them down faster than Spooker can yak up a hairball, but I digress...
Anyway, after Not The Mama's shopping trip yesterday, MY Temptations canister is FULL and Little Isis also has a stash of  Party Mix.
I tried a few of the Party Mix, and frankly I don't see what all the "party" is about - show me the Temptations!
Meow for now,
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Mo and The Purries


  1. nom,nom,nom,nom......NOM!

  2. Chloe, I agree...Temptations are the best.

  3. Every kitty to his or her own taste, right? That means you each don't have to share your treats.

  4. I miss me some Temptations! Ever since we switched foods, I am Not Allowed to eat them any more. Rats!

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM

    treats for everyone!

  6. YEAH! Everyone has some treats!!!

  7. We haven't even tried the Party Mix.....we LOVE Temptations!! We are lucky...Meowm gives us some each morning before she goes to the jobbie thing. If she doesn't get them to us quick enough....we rub, purr and meow tons till we get them!

  8. I don't care for Tempations either, they make me yak! I prefer pounce treats and greenies.

  9. I used to be very picky about the treats that I ate, but lately, I like everything.

  10. We like temptations...but now we discovered the Pounce catnip flavored treats and we love them!! We also love greenies!!!

  11. My barkers like greenies, too. They get one after they get haircuts. (Why do they cost SO much???)

  12. Yummy.

    We cll little Alfie Hoover too - 'cos he hoovers up any food, any where, any time! Then he burbs!


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