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On March 12th, we asked for your help in choosing an ORANGE background for us for the month of April.
The ASPCA has designated April as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and to draw attention to this cause, their campaign is to Go Orange in April. 
One of the choices was labeled "orange dew" - and in the comments section, Us Four Gatos said: "We like the Orange Dew.  To us it represents tears shed thru cruelty animals suffer. And also rain which represents a rebirth or cleansing."
We were so moved by this comment, that we knew that "orange dew" would be the choice for us.  
So, we've Gone ORANGE to show our support of this important cause.  And with the insight of our friends' comment, it means that much more to us.
For some other ways to Go Orange, click here.
Are you planning to do something ORANGE in April?

Mo and The Purries


  1. What a wonderful reason to choose that background! We like it.

  2. It looks beautiful. Thank you for recognizing our comment saying it moved you- in doing so you have also moved us. We are glad we could help, and again thank you for mentioning Us4 within your post today. that was very nice of you. it looks very good and such a special cause.

  3. by the way, you have inspired us to Go a little Orange on our blog too. we added a bit! thx.

  4. That is wonderful. We liked the story behind why you picked that background too.

  5. We love orange, it was Anastasia's favorite color...
    Check out our Buddha in our sidebar!

  6. Upps - almost forgot this one...

  7. Hooray for Orange Dew! I read that comment from Us Four Gatos and thought it was very touching.

  8. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I put the "go Orange for April" badge on my blog - Thanks

  9. We putta Orange Ribbon on our sidebar. We dont know howta change blog colors though.

  10. Well done. Your commitment and resolve are both commendable and your background is indeed puretty. All the best to you and ASPCA!

  11. Momma loves and supports the ASPCA! So thats great of you.

  12. That is such a beautiful orange theme and in such a great cause! I wish people who cause cruelty to animals would get at least as severe sentences as those who cause injury to people or property. There is still so much callousness and ignorance in the world concerning animals.

    Please teleport Little Isis over Mo for some spider nom-nomming! Legitimate preying isn't animal cruelty right? Right? You will get nourishment from Boris Isis, whereas if I killed him (which I can't do) it would be just murder coz I'm afeared of him. Ollie, my heart cat of blessed memory, used to protect me from the eight-legs till one bit him on the nose! :) xxx

  13. What a wonderful sentiment and a great cause!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  14. We will put the orange bad on our web site. Also will send a postcard to Spooker - got a really good one!

  15. Aw-- your blog is precious! It makes me grin got even bigger when I saw that you were dedicated the theme of your blog to the ASPCA. I love this organization-- they do wonderful work and I make it a point to support them in anyway I can. Including buying my animal loving family gifts that will donate a portion of proceeds to the ASPCA.

    Great blog!
    Take care!


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