Clean + Green, part 2

Following up on my product testing of the 3 samples of Clean + Green that the good folks at SeaYu sent me, I have now sprayed all three products.
My tests of Litter Box are on-going, and will report on this product later in the week.  Initial results are promising.
For my tests with Carpet + Upholstery and Wood + Tile, I am using the products one day and then going back with my sniffer the next, to report to you my findings.
Yesterday I sprayed Carpet + Upholstery around the litter box in the bedroom, and also on the drapery near that litter box.  Spooker has often urinated on the carpet next to this litter box when upset with me.  And long-term readers of Purrchance To Dream know that the Center Of The Known Universe (aka Spooker) gets upset with me whenever any of the other Purries come into HER bedroom.
Last night when I went to bed, my first thought upon entering the bedroom was NOT 'smells like cat pee in here' but 'time to go to sleep because it does NOT smell like cat pee in here.'
Also last night, I sprayed Carpet + Upholstery on two known old Spooker urine spots on the carpet in the living room.  Previous attempts with As Seen On TV's Urine Gone did little to affect these spots.  This morning, when I knelt down and sniffed about a foot over the spots, I did not smell anything.  However, when I touched the spots they were still damp, and when smelling my damp fingers, I did still smell old urine.  I want to wait to see what these areas are like when fully dry, and since these are spots that have been there a while, I understand if repeat application is necessary to eradicate all odor.
Today, I sprayed Wood + Tile on the bathroom closet floor, where the previously leaky water heater has left a dank mildew odor.  It was also sprayed around the base of the toilet.  Preliminary results are positive, but I want to wait 24 hours with the closet door shut, and then take a sniff.
I must say, that when spraying all three products, the spray does not have any harsh chemical smell, it has a not unpleasant almost-neutral aroma that dissipates quickly.  So, for right now, my tests are on-going, but I am pleased thus far with the results, especially with Carpet + Upholstery in the bedroom.
Come back later in the week for further results!

SeaYu products are available at Amazon but you can also find them at a store near you. If you're eco-conscious and want more information about Clean+Green or SeaYu Enterprises, check out their blog, their website, on TwitterFacebook or even request a coupon!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Great review! We were able to try their products too and just loved them. We're running out of the sprays now and wish our local Pet Smart carried them.

  2. Wow! That sounds hopeful--of course you know that it may take awhile before the cats don't smell it too!

  3. Oh cool! They're supposed to be sending my mom some to try out too...with 8 kitties each I would think we'll put the products to the test!

  4. I'm going to forward this post to my cat lover friend who is looking for a green product to handle pet odors. Its great to see more and more eco friendly cleaning products on the market and I hope that they work well for you

  5. We're in the process of testing our samples too, and like the fact that the sprays have no lingering chemical odor.


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