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We don't usually put ads on our blog, but today we got an email from our friends at Clean+Green that we thought we'd share with you, because we LOVE their products.
We're not getting anything in return for posting this, just passing on the promo code to you.
And hopefully this reminds NTM to order some more Clean+Green Litter Box spray, because it's the best cat product EVER INVENTED and we don't want to run out!!!
Their Litter Box spray is an unscented odor-neutralizing spray that REALLY works.  NTM sprays it into the litter boxes after he scoops every time, and can be used when someone leaves a stinky (we're not naming names, Spooker, but REALLY, can't you cover your poops once in a while?).
It can also be used in the human litter box room, for those of you who don't want a scented post-potty break spray.  If your human stinks up the bathroom, just spray this into the air and I swear, you won't be saying HEY NO MORE BEANS, DUDE.  It will instantly eliminate the odors! This is like magic in a can!
Here's Clean+Green's email message and promo code:


This is an exclusive Labor Day Weekend offer for Clean+Green customers, their family and friends. 

Get 50% off all Clean+Green products and free shipping on all orders over $15.00* 

*Limited offer: Sale starts August 30th and runs through Sept 3rd 2012. 


click HERE to order

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