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We use Clean + Green's LITTER BOX spray every day!  With a multi-kitty home, it is a must for us!  We can use scoopable litter longer, between changing out the entire litter (yes, we still scoop daily!) - we spray it over the litter after each scooping.  PLUS, if someone makes a big stinky and doesn't cover it (yes, Spooker, we mean you!) it really helps clear the air!  We have a Litter Genie, and use it to spray directly on the plastic of the Genie to help with any odors.
Also works great for urine odor for missed-litterbox oopsies.  AND we also keep a can in the human bathroom - because it is UNSCENTED, it is super awesome for human bathroom stinkies, too -- it actually removes the odor from the air, doesn't just cover it up!
They have several other formulas, and we like the Auto spray, too - it's like unscented Febreeze - but the Litter Box spray is the greatest thing ever!
We didn't receive any compensation for this posting, just sharing our love for a great product that really works!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh wow, I wish we could get that out here...

  2. Where do you get it? Sometimes there is a stink in my litter room.

  3. Hi William, their website is here

  4. We will tell our Pops. We really need it for Rumpy Bump. What a stinky box he leaves

  5. Mom Paula used this with Sweet Praline. She said it was pretty good.


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