Dream Girl

Hello Fur-friends,

Yesterday, Not The Mama came home early and joined me and Chloe for a mid-day nap. I had a dream...

I was a kitten again, and I was being chased through a field by a pair of Carob-Tofu Brownies. Ick.
I mean, if you can't have real chocolate, why bother, right?

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. INAMINI12:31 PM

    Daphne- I have scary dreams also. When I sleep, I jerk, grunt, moan, meow and run. I'm not really sure what's going on in my brain, but it can't be good. Since you have proven that cats can remember their dreams, I will try to do the same. I'll have mom put the computer (my favorite form of communication) by my bed-side.

  2. Daph, that sounds scary!

    I wish I could've been there to protect you. ;)

  3. Funny!

    I have that picture of the kitten, but gee, mine doesn't have strange purple creatures coming up behind the kitty!

  4. that is one of the mostest terrifying things we effur seen!

  5. Brownies don't sound very good to me. Now if those things were made out of tuna....


  6. inamini/YOKi: yes, of course I remembered this dream -- how can one forget being chased by carob-tofu anything???

    merlin: I wish you'd been here, too, snugglemuffin....

    christine: those purple creatures were carob-tofu hideositites!

    grr, midnight, & cocoa: terrifying doesn't begin to describe the tofuiest horrors!

    george, tipper, max & misty:
    we don't get tuna at Not The Mama's -- what is this tuna you speak so fondly of????

    Thanks to everyone for the great comments! ♥ ~ Daphne

  7. I love that pic! Thanks for stopping by my blog Daphne!

    Luckily, the internet superhighway serves as a filter for my kitty allergies. Achoo! ....Or does it?


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