This morning, I almost tripped Not The Mama as he came down the stairs. Doesn't he know that I always have to be FIRST when it comes to racing down the stairs, or racing up the stairs???

He told me, "Kathleen is coming over tonight for a visit, so you'd better get your she-nanni-grins outta your system this afternoon. I want you on your best bee-haver tonight."

Whatever. I'll win her over with my cute she-nanni-grins, I'm sure!

The picture above is of my last day at Kathleen's house. This was the day that Not The Mama took me and Chloe to live with him and Lee and Auntie Spooker.
Auntie Spooker still doesn't like me & Chloe -- she still hisssses at us.
Why can't we win her over with our she-nanni-grins???
~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. wat fun is a cat on "best bee-hav-yur"? BORING! ya should show the companee a good time - that's wat we say

  2. Be careful, Daph! Don't let Not The Mama hurt you when you do that. My Mom almost squished me once when I tripped her on the stairs.

    I like that picture- you sure were cute! Still are...

  3. grr, midnight & cocoa: I agree, furr-friends, best bee-hav-yur is for dogs, not us kitties!

    merlin: don't worry, I'm still zippity quick on the stairs and haven't tripped up anyone yet! but thanks for your concern... and the cute commment! mmmmrrrrrow!

    ♥ ~Daphne


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