Sunday In Bed With Chloe

Hello furr-friends,
Kathleen's visit on Saturday night was interesting.
She and Not The Mama and Lee did something called a House Blessing. Not The Mama burned incense that made my nostrils twitch, and Chloe hid under the bed. You'd think that just having two adorable kids like me and Chloe in the house would be blessing enough!
But we got an update on our siblings: Galahad, Makara, Charlie Girl, and Shanti. That was nice to know that they're all doing fine.
Not The Mama said he was proud of me & Chloe for being "goood grrrrrls" while Kathleen visited. I made up for it this morning by tearing around the place, while Not The Mama was getting ready to go to work, racing around like a "holy terror!"

On Sunday afternoon, Lee and Not The Mama were measuring stuff in the Game Room. They wouldn't let us play with the tape measure --- no fair! So, Chloe and I curled up on the bed for a nap. Wouldn't you know it, no sooner had we settled in, then there was Not The Mama with that durn camera! He tried to get the flash out of our eyes in this picture, but I don't think he did a very good job! He says, "Maybe someone will get me PhotoShop software for Christmas."
Whatever that means...

Me, I'm too busy being fascinated by the ceiling fan over the bed.... it's soooooooo spinnny.....

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. oooooooh - ceiling fans is fun. we gots one wif a hummybird hangin from one of the chains an we wants ta get our paws on it effun though it looks like it's prolly not real.

  2. This blog is just too cute for words!~ I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing not-the-mama's life through kitty eyes!

  3. I like fans too! I just got a new one in the livin room.

    I don't like things goin' on in my house, can't blame Chloe for hidin. I like to stay under the couch though, that way I can keep tabs on what's happenin.

  4. jean paul8:27 PM

    Cats in the bed! When he was a child, my mother was not tolerating it, was not allowing that any of my cats should sleep with me. But once I surprised her during the siesta with Plomito (my cat in this epoch) sleeping in her arms. Why I did not think of taking a photo? Well, he was a child, was not thinking about these things....


  5. grr, midnight & cocoa: ooooh, a hummybird! we just have a boring old pull-chain! I like watching the real hummybirds at the sippy feeder on the deck, though!

    christine: thanks for the compliment. Not The Mama is happy you've visited here!

    merlin: I wish we had one in the livvverrroom. but Not The Mama said it's "not wired that way" -- that's okay, I guess... I'm wired enough for everyone!
    We have a sofa with a skirt on it, and chloe likes to go under there, but I like sitting on the stairs to watch going's on --- that way I look beautiful & regal perched on the stairs like a sphinx, but I can make a quick get-a-way up to the bedroom if needed!

    jean paul: I'm glad you find my new site! Plomito is a lucky kitty -- having your luv, plus getting to siesta with Big Mamacita!

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!
    ♥ ~Daphne


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