Hello fur-friends!

We had The Stranger over for company this weekend, and while Chloe made friends -- she even let The Stranger pick her up and love on her! -- but I kept a safe and wary distance.
Especially after the "lamp incident".
Thank you, my friends, by the way, for your support on this matter.
I agree with what Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said: before The Stranger came, the lamp was fine; then she came and the lamp was broken.
Excellent point!
And don't worry, Not The Mama got out the Roaring Sucker Creature and it sucked up all the bits of broken light bulb.

Anyway, Saturday night all the beans dressed up in weird outfits and our friend Kathleen came for a visit. Chloe got a good whiff of her purse, and said that Kathleen smells like our Mommy Mari. I didn't get that close, so we'll have to take Chloe's word on that one.
But while it was nice having people to pet us all weekend, I'm glad that Monday is here and our home is just for us furries again.
Nothing like a nap in the sun in the peace and quiet!

Not The Mama did this spooky portrait of me for you to see that even I managed to get into the Halloween spirit! Boo!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. That's a very nice portrait! I am glad you have some peace now that the weekend is over!

  2. señor gato5:36 PM

    It pleases me to know that Chloe does not have repairs to approach emas. That is the good news!

    Señor Gato.

    Ps.- Dear Chloe: I send a kiss to you in spite of the distance!


  3. Hi Daphne, I am sitting on Mom's arms while she is trying to talk to you (I hired her so she will do all my work today.) I love your picture! Have a wonderful Halloweeny, and may you get plenty of treats!

  4. That is a furry nice picture of you!

    I'm glad you are wary of strangers, you must be careful and cautious. Strangers can be furry tricky.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. ya know, all those peoples wouldn't come ta yur house if yur human pets wuzzn't such fabulous deck-er-aters. next time, trash the place. that keeps the guests away.


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