Hello fur-friends...

Let me just start by saying that I am INNOCENT of all charges!
You see, last night Not The Mama and Lee let this other person into our home -- they called her Janna, but I'll call her The Stranger.

Well, The Stranger put some clothes and stuff in our loverly guest room, where us kitties nap in the sun. There was also stuff on the little table by the bed.
Chloe and Auntie Spooker were in the living room with the beans, watching something on DVD called "Dracula" and I went to sniff The Stranger's stuff.
The next thing I knew, there was this big CRASH
the lamp was on the floor, broken glass everywhere
I, of course, went running up the stairs.
The beans came running in and cleaned up.
Not The Mama said the crash was scarier than their movie!

Good thing Not The Mama loves me, 'cuz no one got yelled at.
Even though I still say it wasn't my fault. I'm innocent I tells ya, innocent!

But that was our excitement for last night!

Have a meowy good weekend ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Let's look at the evvy-dense:
    BEFORE The Stranger came into your house, did lamps crash to the floor? NO. AFTER The Stranger came into your house, did lamps crash to the floor? YES. Whose fault must it be? We rest our case.

  2. Oh my goodness! Be careful that broken glass doesn't get into your beautiful paws, my sweet Daphne!

    And I agree with G, M & C. Strangers are nothin' but trouble.

  3. It's quite obvious to me that you in no way had anything to do with this crime. Case closed.

  4. Poor misunderstood kitty~


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