Nip Zip Trip

Hello Fur-friends!

Last night, Not The Mama brought home a surprise for me and Chloe: catnip mice! Actually, there were 3 mices, so Auntie Spooker even got one of her own!
This was the first time that Chloe and me had ever had any exposure to the 'nip, and let meeee tell ya, wwwwoooooo-eeeeeee.
Chloe and I raced up and down and up and down the stairs with our meeeces, while Auntie Spooker just took hers onto the Guest Room bed and gnawed on it.
Within an hour, Chloe and I had a really good buzz going, and soon we discovered that our new toys fit just right under the edge of the desk in the foyer.
Not The Mama said, "Oh great, in one hour, you lost your new toys."
But we know where's they are! We'll be able to sniff 'em out when we want 'em!
After we secured our new mice for future escapades, we went into the living room for a bit of a rest.
Spooker had already claimed Not The Mama's lap, so Chloe went and crawled right up on top of Lee's chest and was out like a light! I curled up next to Lee, but I kept one eye on the TV. It was Miss Marple (no entertaining fight scenes) but I watched anyway.
When all of us went to bed last night, Auntie Spooker was more mellow than usual, and she didn't even growl too much at me as Chloe & me settled in between Not The Mama and Lee for our sleep-time. I tell you what, we slept good last night! But this morning, wow -- were we hungry!

Have a meowy nice weekend!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Heh! Watch out for the munchies, dude...
    Yesterday when our human cleaned house for awhile, she found this old (now empty) catnip box that we dragged around the house and gnawed to shreds a couple years ago. Our human says catnip doesn't make us hyper, it just makes us mellow and more "zen," whatever that means.

    Your feline stoner friends,
    --Honeynut, Doyle, and Brynden

  2. i wuz rollin in the nip just a little bit ago! i like it when the Lady sticks my mousie's fev-ver butt in the nip bag. yum!

  3. Oh catnip mice can be so fun when they are fresh!

  4. Catnip mice! That's furry fun. I wish I could have played with them with you!

  5. We like Matanuska Thunderstrike catnip- it has a real kick! I like to play with it, Kitten likes to eat and rub in it, and Sprankeltje likes to drool over it. Mom will give it to us before she has to vacuum.

  6. Not the Mama,
    yer cat had the munchies??


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